OHE at ISPOR Europe: Posters

Measuring access associated with NICE technology appraisal decisions

Phill O’Neill and Nancy Devlin


Do NICE decisions affect decisions in other countries?

Karla Hernandez-Villafuerte, Paul Barnsley, Martina Garau and Nancy Devlin


Opportunity costs of implementing NICE decisions in NHS Wales

Sarah Karlsberg Schaffer, Jon Sussex, Dyfrig Hughes (Bangor University) and Nancy Devlin


Are the UK systems of innovation and evaluations of medical devices compatible?

Amanda Chapman, C. A. Taylor (University of Birmingham) and A. J. Girling (University of Birmingham)


A Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Interventions for Symptomatic Varicose Veins

Grace Marsden, M. Perry, A. Bradbury, N. Hickey, K. Kelley, H. Trender, D. Wonderling and A. H. Davies


What Is the Appropriate Comparator Health State to Use in Time Trade-off Studies?

Koonal Shah and Brendan Mulhern (University of Sheffield)


The Expanding Value Footprint of Oncology Treatments.

Juan Carlos Rejon-Parrilla, Karla Hernandez-Villafuerte, Koonal Shah, Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz, Lou Garrison and Adrian Towse

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