Phill O’Neill

Phill O’Neill

Head of Information and Analysis

Phill's research interests include the economics of the pharmaceutical market, the productivity and outputs of NICE, and benchmarking industry performance. He has extensive knowledge of, and experience with, data and other information used to understand the medicines market and performance of the pharmaceutical industry.

Phill’s expertise is important in projects for global pharmaceuticals and life sciences companies, industry trade associations and charities. His recent research and consulting activities include the following.

  • Defining the value of the pharmaceutical industry to the economy
  • A new approach for projecting medicines expenditure in the UK NHS
  • Understanding NICE thresholds for QALYs
  • Models that demonstrate the resource implications of obesity and dementia in the UK

Before joining the OHE in 2005, Phill was the Business Intelligence Executive at the ABPI. Prior to that, he was part of the Wellhouse NHS Trust in the contracting and information department. He earned an MBA from Sheffield University Business School and a BA in Philosophy from King’s College London.