OHE at HTAi 2017: Meet the Team

The HTAi Annual Meeting 2017 will be held in Rome, Italy, 17-21st June 2017. The theme of the meeting is Towards an HTA Ecosystem: From Local Needs to Global Opportunities. Several members of the OHE team will be attending and participating in the conference. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss our research.

You will find members of the OHE team presenting at the following sessions:

Panel: Incorporating Multiple Criteria into Health Technology Assessment: Opportunities and Challenges

OHE Authors: Nancy Devlin

Time & Date: Monday 19th June, 11:30

Multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) has been suggested as an option to enable rational, transparent decision making for health technology assessment (HTA). However, there are many challenges with using MCDA for HTA.

Nancy Devlin will present on the extent to which the use of structured approaches to the use of multiple criteria in HTA is consistent with the extra welfarist foundations for HTA, including discussion of the need for consistency of criteria/weights, and the implications for how we address opportunity cost (i.e., what it all means for the threshold/judgements about value for money) in a multiple criteria decision context.

Symposia: Resistance to Antimicrobials: A Call for Multi- Disciplinary Action: How Can HTA Help?

OHE Authors: Adrian Towse

Time & Date: Monday 19th June, 13:00

Resistance to antimicrobials and a lack of new effective drugs is a wide-spreading medical threat. Challenges include finding a balance between the need (i) for newly discovered and cost effective therapies and (ii) for good stewardship to preserve new antibiotics and slow down the build-up of resistance. Ensuring good use of HTA is key. Incorporating public health elements of value, however, can pose a challenge for HTA bodies. Adrian will focus on ten potential elements of value, four familiar ones and six new. These are highlighted in a recent OHE-AIM report.

Presentation: Extrapolation From Progression Free Survival To Overall Survival In Oncology

OHE Authors: Karla Hernandez-Villafuerte, Alastair Fischer

Time & Date: Monday 19th June, 18:00

Progression free survival (PFS) is the most commonly used surrogate outcome in cancer. This work aims at analysing the methods used to extrapolate from PFS to overall survival (OS) in the field of oncology as well as at determining the key limitations, weaknesses and gaps in the current literature and methods used to test PFS surrogacy.

Presentation: MCDA to Elicit Stakeholders’ Preferences in Italy. The Case of Obinutuzumab

OHE Authors: Martina Garau, Grace Hampson, Nancy Devlin

Time & Date: Monday 19th June, 16:30

This study applied an MCDA approach (EVIDEM) to obtain preferences on decision criteria across three stakeholder groups (patients, clinicians, and payers) in Italy and to assess the value of obinutuzumab for rituximab-refractory iNHL. This study provides an example of how stakeholders’ views can be quantified and captured in decision making in an explicit way.

Presentation: Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products: Are Current HTA Methods Suitable?

OHE Authors: Grace Hampson, Adrian Towse

Time & Date: Tuesday 20th June, 16:30

High prices mean that HTA and reimbursement decisions for advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) are challenging for payers and manufacturers, even when the therapies are expected to offer good value for money. We present a review of one example, from the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), who commissioned an external organisation to undertake a mock appraisal of a hypothetical ATMPs using standard methods.

Presentation: Access to Orphan Drugs in the UK and Other European Countries

OHE Authors: Bernarda Zamora, Martina Garau, Francois Maignen, Phill O’Neill

Time & Date: Tuesday 20th June, 18:00

This study compares the availability and access to orphan medicinal products in the UK (England, Scotland and Wales), France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Orphan drugs are authorised in all EU countries, however their access is restricted by reimbursement policies (especially in the UK, Italy and Spain). 

Panel: Value Assessment of Multi-Indication Products: Practical Solutions and Steps

OHE Authors: Adrian Towse

Time & Date: Wednesday 21st June, 08:30

Increasing numbers of new drugs (notably biologicals in oncology) have several indications. How should HTA bodies, drug developers and payers behave to get the maximum use of effective products at acceptable prices and in sustainable way for technology investors? The objective is to agree an efficient mechanism for HTA bodies, payers and manufacturers to get the maximum use of products with multiple effective indications at prices that reflect value to the health care system and are sustainable for technology R&D investors. Adrian Towse will introduce the issue and moderate the discussion.

For further information on any of these presentations please contact the OHE authors via our Meet the Team webpage.

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