New Publication: Important Aspects of Health Not Captured by EQ-5D

Just published is a new OHE Research Paper entitled Important aspects of health not captured by EQ-5D: Views of the UK general public. The paper is authored by OHE’s Koonal Shah, in collaboration with Brendan Mulhern of University of Technology Sydney, Louise Longworth of PHMR Ltd, and Bas Janssen of the EuroQol Group Executive Office.

The study examines the views of 436 members of the UK general public. It makes use of qualitative data (text comments) collected as part of a health state valuation study reported in a previous blog, and published earlier this year in Value in Health. The data were analysed using a conventional content analysis framework with analyst triangulation. The authors report that just over 40% of the survey respondents provided suggestions of aspects of health they considered important but not captured by the five EQ-5D dimensions. Sensory deprivation and mental health were the aspects most commonly mentioned.

A poster summarising the study was presented at the ISPOR Annual International Meeting in May 2016. The paper is also available as a EuroQol Working Paper.

Access the OHE Research Paper here.

For more information about OHE’s research on this topic, contact Koonal Shah.

Related publications:

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