Professor Weinstein compares the use of cost-per-QALY approaches in the UK and the US. Britain has got it closer to right, but may go a little too far.

OHE’s Deputy Director Paula Lorgelly will present an OHE Seminar on 14th December 2015 on the topic of HTA decision makers as budget takers and budget makers.

Recently published in Health Policy is an article by Sarah Karlsberg Schaffer, Jon Sussex, Nancy Devlin and Andrew Walker entitled “Local health care expenditure plans and their opportunity costs”.

This post summarises OHE’s activities at this year HTAi meeting in Oslo, June 2015. Topics include the effect of NICE decisions abroad and a new drug development paradigm.

This post summarises OHE’s activities at the upcoming HTAi meeting in Oslo, June 2015. Topics include the effect of NICE decisions abroad, a framework for developing formularies in MICs, a new drug development paradigm, and a comparison of EQ-5D-5L and EQ-5D-3L.

This blog contains a selection of the posters and presentations given by OHE at ISPOR Philadelphia in May 2015.

This mapping of priority-setting considers factors such as existence of HTA institutions and commitment to UHC (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Uganda, China, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam).

Jon Sussex presents on the opportunity costs of implementing NICE decisions in Wales, and OHE attend HESG in Leeds, January 2015.

On 28th November 2014 the BMJ published the Editorial “Reforming the Cancer Drug Fund”. In this editorial, Buxton, Longworth, Raftery, Sculpher and Towse  argue that the CDF, with new arrangements for
Just published in Social Science & Medicine [open access] is a social preference study by OHE’s Koonal Shah and the University of Sheffield’s Aki Tsuchiya and Allan Wailoo. The study examines the extent of societal support for ...


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