David is an expert in measuring and valuing health outcomes to inform economic evaluation. His research is both methodological and applied, and typically involves patientreported outcome measures (PROMs) and/or preference elicitation. The latter includes the generation of value sets to enable the estimation of qualityadjusted life years (QALYs), examining patients’ preferences for different types of treatment, and exploring societal preferences for different health policies. David is a member of the EuroQol Group Association and was recently appointed to serve on the Valuation Working Group. He has published widely in peerreviewed journals and is a regular contributor at international health economics conferences.

David’s recent methodological research has involved exploring issues related to the valuation of EQ5DY (the childfriendly version of EQ5D); the measurement of carer quality of life and its consideration in economic evaluation; the prioritisation of treatments for severe diseases in health technology assessment; and the measurement of the benefits of treatments for subfertility. He also has ongoing applied research into the preferences of people with acute leukaemia and their carers, and is a coinvestigator on the EQ5DY valuation study for the United Kingdom.