I have been working for OHE now for 15 years. I originally joined OHE as I was (and still am) passionate about decisionmakers making the best decisions for their patients. The role has always been challenging and constantly evolving as such my skills have evolved as a result. I am trained in Managing the manager (very handy for managing upwards), I have a background in internet recruitment which ensures our roles reach a wide, diverse audience across the Globe. I am passionate about ensuring our clients experience exceptional service and I also enjoy working in compliance to ensure that our stakeholders and their information are protected.. I have a Post Graduate qualification in Relationships which has been vital when thinking about how we communicate with others.

I have been recently working in the area of recruitment and results are our new recruits are the best in the industry. I regularly keep abreast of new solutions/challenges that the role faces and try to incorporate into ways that I work.