Innovation in drug development is evolving at pace. Individual medicines are increasingly found to benefit patients in a range of indications within or across diseases, at different stages of disease, as monotherapy or in combination with other therapies as part of treatment regimens. For the growing number of these multi-indication medicines access may be delayed or even denied due to challenges in linking payment with a medicine’s value across indications. To find the best solutions we must balance many perspectives. First and foremost, patients (and their treating clinicians) want access to the most effective treatments. Payers have accountability for enabling access within the context of the resources and treatment options that are available today. Health care systems more broadly strive to make effective and affordable treatments available and to foster an environment that incentivises the development of those treatments. Those responsible for discovering, developing and bringing innovation to market are motivated by advancing patient care while maintaining a sustainable business model. In order to overcome challenges in the pricing and reimbursement of medicines, we need to take all of these perspectives into consideration.

Our evolving scientific understanding of disease pathology requires health systems to adapt their payment models in ways that recognise clinical benefits in increasingly targeted and multiple population groups. Science is out of step with payment models and it’s time to ask: can we do better?

Join us for our OHE Masterclass where four international experts, along with OHE’s thought leaders, will discuss why change is needed, the challenges arising, and how they can be overcome. In this free twohour Masterclass delegates will:

  • Be presented with a multistakeholder view on the need for and opportunities associated with payment models that recognise value at the indicationlevel, leveraging the findings of the OHE Consensus Programme and the experience of international experts.
  • Explore insights and learnings: what are the various implementation models, and what can we learn from experience with them to date?
  • Have a forum for questions, answers, and sharing of information amongst participants.

This Masterclass is intended to be useful for a wide range of stakeholders that are interested in payment models for multiindication therapies, including (but not limited to) payers, PAGs, regulators, health data scientists, academics and industry. This is an AstraZeneca organised and funded nonpromotional meeting facilitated by OHE.

Veeva ID: Z447260
Date of preparation: August 2022