Researching the Relative Efficacy and Relative Effectiveness of Medicines across Europe

Mestre-Ferrandiz, J., Puig-Peiro, R. and Towse, A.

Consulting Report
October 2010

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Ten member companies of the EFPIA HTA Task Force commissioned OHE consulting to provide research, data and analysis that would enable EFPIA both to support and develop its policy position and to contribute positively to the emerging dialogue around the development of HTA within Europe.

This research was designed to:

  • Describe and critically review current approaches to the assessment of relative efficacy/relative effectiveness in the EU Member States
  • Identify and measure the underlying sources of variation in relative efficacy/effectiveness across Europe by reviewing the literature currently available on this question
  • Look at the feasibility and desirability of a pan-EU relative efficacy/effectiveness assessment in terms of generalisability across Member States and its impact on patients' access to medicines
  • Consider how EFPIA could develop responses to these findings to engage in constructive dialogue around the scientific merit and public policy desirability of pan-European approaches
  • Identify additional research that could develop a stronger evidence base to support its position and to contribute positively to the dialogue around the practical issues harmonisation.