OHE Launches Discussion Paper and Consultation Exercise on Indication-based Pricing

Article by: Adrian Towse

Although the science underlying the way in which medicines are developed has evolved, there has been little change in how we pay for them. Increasingly, medicines will have multiple indications. New payment mechanisms are being proposed to better align reimbursement policies with the innovation landscape. One such mechanism is allowing the healthcare system to support different prices for different indications of a medicine: indication-based pricing (IBP).

OHE has today launched a Discussion Paper, which outlines the key potential benefits and drawbacks of IBP, along with considerations for implementation. This is accompanied by a consultation exercise, where we ask you to contribute your thoughts.

The consultation closes in six weeks, on Monday 24th June 2019.


Cole, A., Towse, A. and Zamora, B., 2019. Indication-Based Pricing (IBP) Discussion Paper. OHE Briefing, London: Office of Health Economics.

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