OHE at ISPOR Europe: Presentations

The OHE gave the following presentations at ISPOR 17th Annual European Congress in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

What Value Do We Place on a Cure? Value Demonstration Challenges Associated with Innovator and Regenerative Therapies in the EU, North America, and Asia.

Moderator: Eric C Faulkner (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) Panelists: Adrian Towse (OHE), Don Husereau, University of Ottawa and UMIT, Joshua J. Carlson (VeriTech Corporation). 

An Introduction to Multi-criteria Decision Analysis in Health Care Decision Making - Emerging Good Practices.
Chair: Maarten J IJzerman, University of Twente and MIRA Institute for Biomedical Technology & Technical Medicine.; Speakers: Nancy Devlin (OHE), Praveen Thokala (University of Sheffield) and Kevin Marsh (Evida).

Earlier Access to Innovation – Is It worth It?
Moderator: Adrian Towse (OHE), with.Hans-Georg Eichler (EMA), Richard Bergstrom (EFPIA), Carole Longson (NICE), and Alric Reuther (IQWiG).

Value-based Assessment for NICE: How to Do the Calculations.
Discussion Leaders: Jeanette Kusel (Costello Medical Consulting Ltd), Meindert Boysen (NICE), Koonal K. Shah (OHE) and Anthony J Hatswell (BresMed).


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