OHE at iHEA Boston 2017: Meet the Team

The 2017 biennial congress of the International Health Economics Association (iHEA) will be held in Boston, 7th-11th July. Members of the OHE team will be attending and participating in the conference, and would welcome the opportunity to meet with you.

You will find members of the OHE team presenting at the following sessions:

Special Invited Session: Adjusting for Differential Item Functioning in the EQ-5D-5L Using Externally-Collected Vignettes

OHE Presenter: Paula Lorgelly

Time & Date: Monday 10th July, 11:45

Paula will discuss how anchoring vignettes can be used to adjust for reporting heterogeneity in the EQ-5D-5L. The paper builds on previous research and shows that vignettes collected external to the dataset of interest can be used to make adjustments therefore removing a degree of reporting bias in the EQ-5D. The approach shows the added value of vignettes to patient reported outcome measures like the EQ-5D as well as other self-reported health responses.

Presentation: Establishing a Fair Price for an Orphan Drug

OHE Presenter: Mikel Berdud

Time & Date: Tuesday 11th July, 11:30

Mikel will discuss and propose options for setting a fair price for an orphan drug. The presentation is based on the proposition that, although society would be willing to sacrifice some health gain overall to make treatments for some orphan diseases available, it would not tolerate a situation whereby manufacturers of these drugs made higher profits than those manufacturers of drugs for non-orphan conditions. That is, the rates of return from investments in developing orphan drugs should be no greater than the industry average, after adjustments for risk and any other relevant factors – i.e. fair to the manufacturer and fair to society. This presentation is based on work undertaken in collaboration with Prof. Mike Drummond (University of York) and Prof. Adrian Towse (OHE).

In addition, Paula Lorgelly, with Carl Ashe (University of Illinois), has organised a ‘Special Organised Session’ (akin to a mini plenary) on Value Frameworks: Current Initiatives and Future Directions. This session will be held on Monday 10th July at 10:00. The session will be live streamed for those unable to attend the conference.

For further information on any of these presentations please contact the OHE authors via our Meet the Team webpage.

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