OHE at the EuroQol Academy Meeting 2017

The EuroQol Group is a global network of experts that initiated and continues to develop the EQ-5D, a generic measure of health outcome. The ‘past, present and future’ of the EuroQol Group and the EQ-5D instrument was discussed in a previous post .

The second EuroQol Academy Meeting took place between 6th and 8th March in Noordwijk, Netherlands. OHE researchers played an active role in the presentation and discussion of EQ-5D-related research.

Nancy Devlin and Koonal Shah gave a presentation on two research studies currently in progress intended to generate stated preference data to support the development of a value set for the EQ-5D-Y, the ‘youth’ version of the EQ-5D. The first study involves a web-based discrete choice experiment to generate latent scale values for the EQ-5D-Y. The second study is a methodological study, involving the comparison of four different valuation techniques. The aim is to assess different ways of anchoring EQ-5D-Y values to 1 (representing ‘full health’) and 0 (representing ‘dead’). A further objective of the research is to develop methods that can be applied by other countries seeking to generate their own EQ-5DY value sets.

OHE’s research on EQ-5D-Y valuation is being conducted in collaboration with Juan-Manel Ramos-Goni of the EuroQol Office, Oliver Rivero-Arias of the University of Oxford, Simone Kreimeier of the University of Bielefeld, and Ben van Hout of the University of Sheffield.

Access Nancy and Koonal’s slides below.

Mike Herdman chaired an ‘Elevator Pitches’ session in which Academy Meeting attendees gave short presentations introducing their research ideas, with the aim of generating constructive feedback and fostering research collaborations.

For more information about OHE’s programme of EuroQol-related research, please contact Nancy Devlin, Mike Herdman or Koonal Shah.

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