OHE at the 2019 International Health Economics Association (iHEA) World Congress

Meet some of the OHE team at the International Health Economics Association (iHEA) 2019 World Congress in Basel, 13-17 July.

The 2019 iHEA World Congress will take place from 13th to 17th July in Basel, Switzerland. Adrian Towse, Graham Cookson, Koonal Shah, Mikel Berdud, and Olga Rozanova will be attending to present work from some of OHE’s projects.


Understanding Shortages in the UK Generics Market

In this session, Adrian will unpick the various factors using data on concessionary price increases, trends in Category M and W prices, and interviews with relevant stakeholders. The study explores whether there is a trade-off between the “static” objective of keeping prices low and the “dynamic” objective of obtaining security of supply over time and, if so, which policies are likely to achieve the optimal balance.

Role Substitution, Skill Mix and Provider Efficiency and Effectiveness: Lessons from NHS Maternity Services

Graham will participate in an organised session on Monday July 15th 2019 -from 13:30 - 15:00. In this session he will present his paper with his co-author Ioannis Laliotis from the London School of Economics. The paper revisits the relationship between workforce and maternity outcomes in the English NHS in an attempt to contribute knowledge to an important policy question for which there has been a paucity of research.

Can Price-Cap Regulation Increase Drug Prices?

Olga will participate in a session entitled “Pharmaceutical Markets”. Her presentation considers potential perverse incentives of the price-cap regulation. The presentation concludes that the introduction of price-caps on generics may lead to some undesired consequences such as an increase in the price of the branded drugs and decrease in the consumer surplus. 

Staffing, Perverse Incentives and the Determinants of Caesarean Sections in the English NHS

In this oral presentation on Tuesday July 16th from 08.30-10.30, Graham, alongside Ioannis Laliotis, will present the findings of research examining the role of the maternity workforce in the incidence of caesarean sections.

Analysis of Hospital Markets

Olga will chair the session entitled “Analysis of Hospital Markets”. Presentations in this session will consider the issues concerning the quality of care, variation of hospital readmission, waiting time for hospital admission etc.

Quantifying the Life-Cycle Value of Innovative Medicines: The Case of Risperidone and Second-Generation Antipsychotics

In an oral presentation, Mikel will discuss how, and why, to quantify the life-cycle value of medicines. The research by OHE and the Swedish Institute for Health Economics (IHE) shows that the value that medicines add to society changes during the life-cycle and concludes that the long-run perspective should be taken into account by policy makers when they make price and reimbursement decisions at launch.  

Novel Approaches for Valuing Health at the End of Life

Koonal will participate in an organised session entitled ‘Scaling Everest: Moving Beyond Conventional Economic Approaches in Palliative & End-of-life Care’. His presentation will summarise empirical evidence on the valuation of health gains at the end of life and describe novel approaches for eliciting preferences in this context. Koonal’s presentation will be discussed by Helen Mason of Glasgow Caledonian University.

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