The Tougher the Better: The Effect of an Increased Performance Threshold on the Performance of General Practitioners

Feng, Y., May, A., Farrar, S. and Sutton, M.

Research Paper
April 2012

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In April 2006, payment thresholds were raised for GPs who participate in Scotland’s Ouality and Outcomes Framework.  GPs were required to meet new, higher thresholds on some indicators to receive maximum levels of payment.  In this paper, OHE’s Yan Feng and her colleagues examine whether this change in fact improved GP performance and whether the impact differed across GPs. Specifically, they examine whether low-, mid- and high-performing GPs changed behaviour and, if so, to what extent.

A revised version of this paper has been published in Health Economics and can be downloaded from:

Please cite as: Feng, Y., Ma, A., Farrar, S. and Sutton, M., 2015. The Tougher the Better: an economic analysis of increased payment thresholds on the performance of General Practices. Health Economics, 24(3), pp.353-371.