Four Case Studies to Explore the Added Value of Oxford AHSN

Marsden, G., Martin, A., Zamora, B., Exley, J., Sussex, J. and Towse, A.

Consulting Report
September 2016

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The Oxford Academic Health Science Network (Oxford AHSN) wishes to demonstrate the value of the various projects and programmes that the network has developed and implemented since it was established in 2013. In order to do this, OHE Consulting and RAND Europe conducted analyses of four case study projects:

1.    Anxiety & Depression Clinical Network: A targeted 5% improvement in recovery rates

2.    Maternity Clinical Network: Improving referral pathways for preterm babies

3.    Energy project: Quantifying the value of energy savings and carbon reduction

4.    Intermittent Pneumatic Compression: Increasing utilisation of IPCs in immobile stroke patients.

The four case studies were chosen as examples of areas in which the Oxford AHSN has played a crucial role in improving patient care, and areas in which analysis of added value is feasible. The analyses were designed to assess the added value of the Oxford AHSN in relation to the case study projects, rather than to assess the ‘cost-effectiveness’ of the treatments being used.

This report presents the methods and results of the four case studies.