Applied Econometrics for Health Economists: A Practical Guide

Jones, A.

January 2007

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Available from Radcliffe publishing:

Published in association with the Office of Health Economics

Applied Econometrics for Help Economists introduces readers to the appropriate econometric techniques for use with different forms of survey data, known collectively as microeconomics.

The book provides a complete illustration of the steps involved in doing micro econometric research. The only study to deal with practical analysis of qualitative and categorical variables, it also emphasizes applied work, illustrating the use of relevant computer software applied to large-scale survey data sets.

This is a comprehensive reference guide – it contains a glossary of terms, a technical appendix, software appendix, references, and suggestions for further reading. It is concise and easy to read – technical details are avoided in the main text and key terms are highlighted.

Given the extensive use of individual-level survey data in health economics, it is important to understand the econometric techniques available to applied researchers. Moreover, it is just as important to be aware of their limitations and pitfalls. The purpose of this book is to introduce readers to the appropriate econometric techniques for use with different forms of survey data – known collectively as microeconomics.  -- Andrew Jones in the Preface

Contents -- Introduction: the evaluation problem and linear regression; The health and lifestyle survey; Binary dependent variable; The ordered probit model; The selection problem; Endogenous regressors: the evaluation problem revisited; Count data regression; Duration analysis; Panel data

2007  128 pages  paperback

ISBN-10 1 84619 171 8   ISBN-13 9781846191718