Report on Orphan Drugs Released

OHE Consulting has released new research on orphan medicinal products (OMPs) in Europe that assesses the effects of the European Union’s 1999 Regulation on Orphan Medicinal Products on the European economy and society. Data and indicators of activity related to OMPs in Europe have been patchy and scarce. To fill in many of these gaps, this study collected data on several indicators of activity, completed a confidential survey of OMP developers, developed four case studies and undertook a literature review. The result is a rich tableau of data and information that describe the effects of the OMP Regulation in some detail.

Download Mestre-Ferrandiz, J., Garau, M., O'Neill, P. and Sussex, J. (2010) Assessment of the impact of orphan medicinal products on the European economy and society. OHE Consulting Report.  London: Office of Health Economics. 

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