Promoting Evidence-based Health Care Policy in Spain: EvaluAES 7th Annual Workshop

In April 2018, EvaluAES held its 7th annual workshop on economic evaluation of health policies. OHE’s Patricia Cubi-Molla joint with Laura Vallejo-Torres (University College London and University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) coordinated a special interest group on the evaluation of health policies and health care services.
There is a growing need to improve the efficiency and sustainability of health care systems everywhere. Evaluating health care policy and practice can be seen as an important step towards this objective.
On the 13th of April 2018, EvaluAES held its 7th annual workshop. The workshop was hosted by the National School of Public Health in Madrid, Spain. EvaluAES is supported by the Spanish Health Economics Association (AES). It seeks to disseminate research on the economics of health and to establish collaborations and joint learnings across economists, public health specialists, health care providers and decision makers.
The papers presented at the workshop (PDF) covered a range of topics but all showcased research on the evaluation of health policies, including:
  • The deadly effects of losing health insurance
  • Hit where it hurts - access to healthcare and intimate partner violence
  • The effect of the Portuguese Primary Care reform on population health outcomes (2000-2015): a difference-in-difference analysis
  • Exploring the impact of new medical technology on workforce planning
The workshop was attended by around 40 participants from a range of institutions (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, University of Bristol, Erasmus University Rotterdam, NOVA University Lisbon and London School of Economics, among others), contexts, and disciplines (including local government representatives, and academics and post-graduate students from economics, pharmacy and medicine). The quality of the research presented was high, as at last year’s workshop, and there was considerable discussion and debate. The generation of evidence to support health care policies in Spain is well established. The challenge remains to implement evidence-based policies.
For more information contact Patricia Cubi-Molla.

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