Prof Devlin Elected Chair of EuroQol Group

Prof Nancy Devlin Nancy Devlin


OHE is pleased to announce that Professor Nancy Devlin, Director of Research, has been elected as Chair of the EuroQol Group’s executive committee, effective as from November 2010.

The executive committee is responsible for the strategic and scientific direction of the organisation, including establishing priorities for EQ-5D research and new development. Professor Devlin will be working closely with the newly-elected Deputy Chair, Associate Professor Simon Pickard of the University of Illinois, Chicago.

About the EuroQol Group

Established in 1987, the EuroQol Group ( is an international network of researchers renowned for developing the EQ-5D, a generic measure of health status. Available in 130 languages, the EQ-5D is widely used in health technology appraisal, population health surveys and other applications in health care systems in dozens of countries.

EuroQol Group members include leading researchers from around the world with expertise in a range of fields, including health economics, psychology and various clinical disciplines. Strongly committed to research-driven innovation, the EuroQol Group has added to the original EQ-5D an expanded-level instrument (EQ-5D-5L) and an instrument for self-completion by children (EQ-5D-Y). It also is working to maximise the promise of digital technologies and further develop valuation methodologies.

The EuroQol Group is coordinated by a highly effective business team based in The Netherlands, which also oversees use of the EQ-5D and related products.

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