OHE at the ISPOR Summit on New Approaches to Value Assessment: Towards More Informed Pricing in Healthcare October, 2018

OHE Director Adrian Towse, OHE Director of Research Nancy Devlin, OHE Visting Senior Research Fellow Lou Garrison and Patricia Danzon, of the Wharton School and a member of OHE’s Research and Policy Committee presented at the ISPOR Summit on New Approaches to Value Assessment: Towards More Informed Pricing in Healthcare held on October 19, 2018 in Washington DC. 
In the session “Specific value assessment considerations” Adrian Towse presented on Indication Based Pricing:  A better way to value drugs? setting out the arguments for and against differential pricing by indication. This built on work from an OHE consulting report and research report.

Patricia Danzon presented in the same session on Affordability: When is it a concern? This picked up on her paper for the ISPOR US Value Special Task Force and her paper for the Value-in-Health Themed Session on Affordability, setting out how budget pressures should be handled in theory and practice, and the related issues of cures and paying for drugs for small populations. 

In another session Lou Garrison introduced Novel approaches to value assessment, within the cost-effectiveness framework drawing on the overall findings of the ISPOR US Value Special Task Force.

Nancy Devlin presented as part of this session on Extending the scope of patient reported outcomes and QALYs, in which she set out some of the limitations of the QALY and set out the objectives of a new project Extending the QALY, led by SCHARR, which intends to developing a broad measure of quality of life for use in economic evaluations across health and social care.

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