OHE at HESG Winter 2018

OHE team members will play an active role in the forthcoming Health Economists' Study Group (HESG) Meeting, City, University of London, 10-12th January 2018. We have one paper being discussed and will be discussing others’ papers and chairing sessions. Members of the OHE team will also be available to answer questions about the wider OHE research programme.

OHE work being discussed:

Re-modelling the UK EQ-5D-3L Value Set
Authors: Yan Feng, Nancy Devlin, and Ben van Hout
Summary: The 2017 English EQ-5D-5L value set differs substantially from the 1997 UK EQ-5D-3L value set recommended by NICE. Given the implications of using the 5L value set instead of the 3L value set, it is important to understand the reasons why this is. This paper explores the differences, and results suggest they are primarily caused by differences in the underlying preference data. Applying the 5L modelling methods to 3L valuation data would yield a different value set with different properties than the existing UK 3L value set. However, the modelling methods exert a greater magnitude of difference on the 5L values than on the 3L values. Results raise questions about the interpretation of the constant in value functions.
Discussant: David Epstein
Time & location: Thursday 11th January, 16:00, B104

OHE team members discussing others’ research and chairing sessions:

The Nutritional Impact of Price Promotions in Sugar Sweetened Beverages
Author: Toby Watt
Discussed by Grace Hampson, Chaired by Luke Munford, 10th January, 13:30, B103

The Effect of Acculturation on Immigrants' Health Behaviour: Evidence from the United Kingdom
Author: Ekaterina Kuznetsova
Discussed by Luke Munford, Chaired by Yan Feng, 10th January, 14:35, B103

A Markov Model to Estimate the Cost-effectiveness of Interventions for Treatment of Chronic Venous Leg Ulcers
Author: David Epstein
Discussed by Lois Kim, Chaired by Patricia Cubi-Molla, 11th January, 09:00, B104

Real-world Evidence of the Effectiveness of Adjuvant Chemotherapy for Early Stage Breast Cancer from Scottish Routine Data
Author: Ewan Gray
Discussed by Rachel Meacock, Chaired by Paula Lorgelly, 11th January, 16:00, B200

Early Modelling Methods for Economic Evaluation of Diagnostic Technology: The Collective Experiences of the Diagnostic Evidence Co-operatives
Author: Lucy Abel
Discussed by Chris Sampson, Chaired by Kyriaki Giorgakoudi, 12th January, 09:30, B104

Impact of an Acute Health Shock on Lifestyles: Evidence from French Panel Data
Author: Antoine Marsaudon
Discussed by Patricia Cubi-Molla, Chaired by Mark Connolly, 12th January, 11:00, B103

Recycling Cost-Effectiveness models: How and Why?
Author: Anum Shaikh
Discussed by Emma McManus, Chaired by Chris Sampson, 12th January, 12:05, B104

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