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What will the future of drug development look like?

What will drug development look like in 10 years’ time? How will regulatory policies and the global political and social environment shape it? How might policy choices affect the rate and direction of R&D? Which initiatives might help ensure that the UK will continue to host important R&D?

These and other critical questions will be addressed at OHE’s 50th Anniversary conference, The Challenges and Economics of Drug Development in 2022, scheduled for 8 October 2012 in London. Speakers and panelists will bring a range of perspectives and include representatives of UK and EU regulatory agencies, the pharmaceutical industry and payers -- as well as leading experts in health technology assessment, pricing and reimbursement, and R&D structure and incentives. Among those participating are Sir Alasdair Breckenridge from the MHRA, Dr Hans-Georg Eichler from the EMA, and Sir Michael Rawlins of NICE.

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Please note that the registration deadline is Monday, 24 September.  

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