OHE’s Nancy Devlin, Yan Feng, Mike Herdman and Koonal Shah all contributed to the EuroQol Academy Meeting 2017.

OHE’s Professor Nancy Devlin and co-author Richard Brooks have published a new paper that provides an overview of the development of the EQ-5D; the current state of play; and what the future might hold for the further development and use of EQ-5D instruments in HTA and other applications.

OHE’s Yan Feng becomes a member of the EuroQol Research Foundation.

A new publications titled: Does a biomedical research centre affect patient care in local hospitals? has just been published in Health Research Policy and Systems. The article explores the impact of biomedical research on patient care with Oxford University Hospitals Foundation Trust.

New OHE Research Paper: What is the normative basis for selecting the measure of ‘average’ preferences for use in social choices?

On the 1st February 2017 OHE held a launch to celebrate our new status as a registered charity. The establishment of OHE as a charity offers new directions and new opportunities, and also brings new funding opportunities – for example, with UK research councils.

Professor Andrea Manca from the University of York will lead an OHE Lunchtime Seminar on 13th February 2017 on the topic of economic evaluation for decision-making and the value of access to individual patient data.

This early view paper published in Quality of Life Research compares a condition-specific preference based measure to a generic measure in a population of cancer patients.

A new OHE Research Paper examines the views of the UK general public about aspects of health considered to be missing from the five EQ-5D dimensions.

On Monday 16th January, Professor Martin Chalkley (University of York) and Jon Sussex (RAND Europe) will lead an OHE Lunchtime Seminar on the topic of: Providing Health Care to NHS Patients: How Much Does Ownership Matter?


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