Pricing and Reimbursement

A recent series of papers examines the effects of multiple primary health care interventions (introduction of health facility accreditation, introduction of user fees, and discontinuation of performance-based financing schemes) under Egypt’s Health Sector Reform Program between 2000 and 2014.

OHE and Vifor Pharma present a poster at the last European Conference on Rare Diseases (ECRD) on the Mechanism of Coordinated Access to orphan medicinal products (MoCA) where evidence on avacopan for ANCA-associated vasculitis (AAV) was discussed using the Transparent Value Framework.

In a new paper led by OHE, an international team of co-authors considers the evidence for supply-side cost-effectiveness thresholds, providing a set of recommendations for policymakers. In this blog post, Chris Sampson provides an overview of the findings and key messages.

As part of OHE’s presence at ISPOR 2022 in Washington DC, we hosted an issue panel tackling the hot topic of health technology assessment (HTA) of gene therapies.

Faster regulatory approval has not necessarily achieved faster patient access. A new OHE paper sets out how risk-sharing can tackle this, enabling resolution of differences of view between innovators and payers about a technology’s value. The authors find risk-sharing makes sense in 9 out of 16 scenarios, setting out the conditions in which both parties should use them. Innovators need to fund the research in order to align incentives.

As US policymakers consider the potential implications of the drug pricing reforms contained within the Build Back Better Act, OHE releases a critique of the Congressional Budget Office scoring, demonstrating that the estimates are highly uncertain and policymakers should exercise caution when relying upon them.

OHE publishes a research report sponsored by CRUK on the practical considerations for outcome-based payment in the NHS

Our second blog in the OHE H.R. 3 Series discusses how the Congressional Budget Office (CBO)’s analysis of H.R.3 does not reflect the reality of biopharmaceutical investing.

US policy makers are discussing an attempt to lower prescription drug spending in the US.

In a recently published report, we explore the financial sustainability of gene therapies and highlight the factors that are likely to influence the financial sustainability of this important medical technology.


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