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Download OHE’s 24th Annual Lecture publication: Why are Mortality Rates Rising for Middle-Aged White Non-Hispanic Americans? Could it Happen in Europe?

A new paper entitled “Survivorship Burden for Individuals, Households and Society: Estimates and Methodology” has been published in the Journal of Cancer Policy.

OHE presented at the NHS Global Health Volunteering Group meeting in London on research measuring the value of international volunteering for the NHS.

A new OHE Research paper investigates the evolution of life satisfaction of immigrants over the course of their stay in the host country, and explores the possibility of explaining this evolution by changes in reporting behaviour.

OHE’s Patricia Cubi-Molla, joint with Mireia Jofre-Bonet and Victoria Serra-Sastre from City, University of London, have a new paper that examines adaptation to health states using a longitudinal dataset, recently published in Health Economics.

OHE’s annual lecture 2017 will be held on Thursday 15 June at the Royal Society, London. The lecture will be given by Professors Anne Case and Sir Angus Deaton on the topic of: Why are mortality rates rising for middle-aged white non-Hispanic Americans? Could it happen in Europe?

The Office of Health Economics (OHE) and the Swedish Institute for Health Economics (IHE) publish a report evaluating the efficiency of resource allocation in cancer care across Europe.

On Tuesday 28th June 2016 OHE held a workshop on the topic of surrogate endpoints as predictors of overall survival in oncology. The workshop was commissioned by the Pharmaceutical Oncology Initiative (POI) as part of a wider research project being undertaken by OHE.

The 2016 HTAi Annual Meeting was held in Tokyo, Japan, 10-14 May 2016. The focus of the meeting was Informing Health Care Decisions with Values and Evidence. This post contains presentations given by the OHE team.

A new publication, based on research conducted by OHE, suggests that by 2025 the disability adjusted life year (DALY) burden of dementia will have increased by 42% from the Global Disease Burden (GDB) 2010 estimate.


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