OHE is pleased to be hosting not one, not two but three seminars over the coming weeks.

The blog provides links to slide sets for presentations relating to going ‘beyond QALYs’ when valuing health care interventions, managed entry agreements within the UK pharmaceutical landscape, new business models for antibiotics, and economics of the market for medicines

OHE is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Alastair Fischer as a Principal Health Economist. Alastair joined the team at the end of February 2016.

The Readerships and Personal Chairs Committee of the University of Sheffield has conferred on OHE’s Nancy Devlin the title of Honorary Professor of Health Economics.

The Office of Health Economics is looking to recruit a new Head of Operational Research and Data Analytics.

A summary of OHE’s activity at the 2016 winter HESG meeting, Manchester, 6-8th January.

OHE is pleased to announce that Paula Lorgelly has now joined the team in her new role as Deputy Director.

A summary of OHE’s presentations and contributions at ISPOR Europe, Milan 2015.

Mestre-Ferrandiz, J., Towse, A., Dellamano, R. and Pistollato, M.

Seminar Briefing
October 2015

Multi-indication pricing (MIP) involves setting a different price for each major indication approved for a medicine. As value is likely to differ across major indications, if prices paid for on-patent medicines are to reflect their value, then multi-indication medicines should have different prices across major indication, reflecting different values.

OHE’s Nancy Devlin has been appointed as a Non-Executive Director with the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN).


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