Paula Lorgelly and Bruce Hollingsworth (Lancaster University) have taken the role of joint National Organisers for the Health Economists’ Study Group.

The Office of Health Economics Trustees have appointed Professor Graham Cookson as Director Designate. He will be the successor to Professor Adrian Towse as OHE Director. Adrian plans to step back from running the OHE by the end of 2018 after 25 years. He will continue to be involved in OHE research and consulting projects.

Download OHE’s 24th Annual Lecture publication: Why are Mortality Rates Rising for Middle-Aged White Non-Hispanic Americans? Could it Happen in Europe?

Case, A., and Deaton, A.

March 2018

Low levels of mortality are important indicators of societal success. This lecture is about trends in mortality in the white non-Hispanic population in the United States of America (US), a subject which is not only interesting in itself, but also of global significance because we are all wondering whether this could happen to our own societies or to specific groups within them. The lecture was delivered by Professor Case, Sir Angus added some further reflections and then both professors engaged in a question and answer session at the end. The work discussed here, which is part of a much larger research agenda, leads to comparisons between the US and what might be happening in Europe.The authors’ most recent work on the topic of mortality rates is summarised in three papers (Case and Deaton 2015, 2017a, 2017b; there are links to these papers at https://scholar.princeton.edu/accase/publications).

This version of the text is based on a transcript of the lecture and, as such, is often less formal and more colloquial than might be expected in an academic paper.

Tony Culyer writes on the contribution to health economics of Alan Maynard, the pioneering health economist, who died on February 2nd 2018.

Mullin, C.

Seminar Briefing
January 2018

This seminar focuses on the NHS staffing markets and the use of temporary staff, specifically in the NHS provider sector, i.e. foundation trusts and NHS trust. (which include hospitals). To provide background and context, the discussion begins with an overview of the NHS labour market and the role of staffing agencies in providing temporary staff. The core of the seminar is an examination of previous strong growth in expenditure on such staffing, particularly during the early part of this decade; the effects to date of government intervention to address that spending; and possible lessons for other sectors from the limited evidence now available.

The Office of Health Economics is looking to recruit a well-qualified, highly motivated and energetic industrial economist.

This report explores the consequences of the exit of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU) on public health in the UK and in the EU.

Maignen, F., Berdud, M., Hampson, G., and Lorgelly, P.

Consulting Report
December 2017

This report explores the consequences of the exit of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU) on public health in the UK and in the EU. It also provides an estimate of the economic impact for pharmaceutical companies.

OHE is looking to recruit an experienced, well-qualified, and highly motivated economist for the role of Director of the OHE. The current Director is looking to retire as Director in 2018 and will support a smooth transition for the new incumbent.

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