Economics of Health Technology Assessment

Teeling Smith, G.

May 1980

Since this monograph was completed, two new stories concerning the safety of medicines have been featured prominently in the British press. The first has been on an American legal case in which damages have been awarded because a medicine taken during pregnancy was alleged to have caused congenital malformations. The second has been based on the fact that the benzodiazepines, when taken for prolonged periods in high dosage, may carry the risk of causing dependency.

Taylor, D. ed.

July 1974

The physical health and longevity of the people of countries such as Britain has improved dramatically during the course of the past 100 years. In the middle and later decades of the 19th Century the average Englishman had at birth a life expectancy of around 40 years. Today it is nearly 70 years. In 1898 the pioneer social investigator Seebohm Rowntree recorded in a survey in York an infant mortality of 247 per 1,000 live births amongst the poorest class and one of 94 per 1,000 amongst the well-to-do.

Laing, W.A. ed.

May 1972

Proceedings of a symposium HELD AT THE Royal College of General Practitioners on Thursday 21 October 1971

One of the main ideas behind a symposium on 'Evaluation in the Health Services' was to help establish a fruitful dialogue between clinicians, planners, sociologists, economists and others.


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