OHE Commission on Competition in the NHS

Following on its successful Commission on NHS Outcomes, Performance and Productivity, the OHE launched the independent OHE Commission on Competition in the NHS in February 2011. The purpose of the Commission is to investigate whether, how and where in the health services competition may be beneficial or harmful overall.

In January, 2012, the Commission released is report.  The basic findings are summarized in the "Results" and the full report is available for download from this website.

The Charge to the Commission

The Commission was charged with reviewing existing evidence and procuring additional research as needed on critical issues.  It was to produce a final report at the end of its deliberations with recommendations for policy and implementation. Specifically, the Commission was to address:

  • The characteristics of publicly funded health care services that determine whether competition or contest is likely to be beneficial.
  • Non-price and price competition.
  • How competition and contest, where potentially beneficial, might be enabled, promoted and regulated

The Commission Members

James Malcomson (Chair), All Souls College and University of Oxford

Mike Bailey, Medical Director and Deputy Chief Executive, St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust

Anita Charlesworth, Chief Economist, The Nuffield Trust

Nigel Edwards, Acting Chief Executive, NHS Confederation

Julian Le Grand, London School of Economics and Political Science

Carol Propper, Imperial College London and Bristol University

Bob Ricketts, Director, Provider Policy, Department of Health, England

Adrian Towse, Director, Office of Health Economics

Jon Sussex, Deputy Director, Office of Health Economics

The OHE acted as the secretariat to the group to ensure the smooth running of the Commission and keep the time commitments of its members to a minimum. The OHE Commission, however, worked independently and its conclusions express the personal views of its members.

Background information is available here.

Results of the Commission are available here.

For further information, please contact Dr Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz