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OHE releases a number of publications throughout the year, authored by OHE team members and/or outside experts. All are free for download as pdf files; hard copies of some publications are available upon request.

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Garau, M., Shah, K., Towse, A., Wang, Q., Drummond, M.F. and Mason, A. R.

Consulting Report
February 2009

Lower usage of cancer medicines in the UK compared to other countries has created questions, including whether the current approach by NICE to assessing cancer medicines is an important factor in lower use in the UK. This Report is based on both a detailed literature review and interviews with key experts directly involved in the work of UK HTA bodies.

Health Economics Research Group, Office of Health Economics and RAND Europe.

Consulting Report
November 2008

Understanding the nature, extent and processes involved in the return on investment in medical research has been largely neglected as an area of serious scientific study. This report is the outcome of a one-year study commissioned by the UK Academy of Medical Sciences, the UK Medical Research Council and the Wellcome Trust. Its purpose is to compare the economic benefits accruing in the UK from medical research funded in the UK, publicly or by charities only, to the cost of that research.