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Series on Health
August 1963

The risk of permanent paralysis is the predominant feature of poliomyelitis, and the dread of disability has profoundly affected society's attitude to the disease. In the broad medical context of disease in society, acute poliomyelitis is comparatively uncommon. Pneumonia causes over twenty times the number of premature deaths, even though premature deaths from pneumonia are less than a fifth the number twenty-five years ago.

Series on Health
June 1963

Rising hospital costs have caused concern to the public, Government, and Members of Parliament ever since the start of the National Health Service. They are at present taxing the minds of those responsible for administering the hospitals as they try to contain hospital expenditure within the limits of funds made available by the Government. Nevertheless the problems are not confined to Great Britain nor to the National Health Service because rapidly rising hospital costs have been general throughout the world since the end of the second World War.

May 1963

Britain is not unique in having a health service. Practically every European country has accepted the provision of medical care as a community responsibility. Amongst the sixteen countries in Western Europe, only the Finns have not yet introduced an extensive compulsory pre-payment scheme of some sort and they are to do so in 1964.

Series on Health
April 1963

Pneumonia is a general term applied to inflammation of the lung whatever the cause. Although it may be a complication of drowning or of being caught in a burning building and inhaling smoke and gases, such cases are rare. Usually, when doctors speak of pneumonia, they refer to two common illnesses, lobar pneumonia and broncho-pneumonia.

Series on Health
December 1962

In the early 1930's, 27,000 children died each year. By 1960, the number had fallen to 5,000. Over 380,000 people now alive would have died in childhood if the death rates of the early thirties had not improved. This study describes the recent achievements in the saving of child life, ...

Series on Health
October 1962

It is a pleasure to write a short Preface to the first booklet issued by the Office of Health Economic. For too long our attitude to the economics of medicine has been limited to a simple computation of costs without much attempt to assess the economic saving, ...