OHE Publications

Title Authors External authors Date Publication relationship
Health Technology Assessment of Gene Therapies: Are Our Methods Fit for Purpose? Sian Besley, Nadine Henderson, Adrian Towse, Amanda Cole
June 2022
Limitations of CBO’s Simulation Model of New Drug Development as a Tool for Policymakers Graham Cookson, Jake Hitch
June 2022
When Generic Measures Fail to Reflect What Matters to Patients: Three Case Studies David Mott, Hannah Schirrmacher, Martina Garau
March 2022
Learnings from the Assessments of Entrectinib and Larotrectinib: Health Technology Assessment Challenges Associated with Tumour-Agnostic Therapies Nadine Henderson, Lotte Steuten Niels J. Brogaard, Reema Abdul-Ghani, Arnaud Bayle, Alexandre Bréant
January 2022
2020 OHE Annual Report to the Charity Commission
December 2021
It Takes Two to Tango: When do Conditional Reimbursement Risk-Sharing Schemes Work for Both Parties? Adrian Towse, Liz Fenwick
December 2021
Making Outcome-Based Payment a Reality in the NHS. Phase Two: Practical Considerations Amanda Cole, Patricia Cubi-Molla, Lotte Steuten
December 2021
Payment Models for Multi-Indication Therapies Amanda Cole, Margherita Neri, Graham Cookson
November 2021
After the Transplant: Potential Benefits for the NHS and UK Kidney Transplant Patients Chris Skedgel, Mehmet Bulut, Lotte Steuten
November 2021
The Value of Vaccines in Maintaining Health System Capacity in England Simon Brassel, Margherita Neri, Hannah Schirrmacher, Lotte Steuten
October 2021
A Case Study Analysis: Challenges in the NICE Evaluation of Multi-Indication Medicines for Rare and Ultra-Rare Diseases Nadine Henderson, Isobel Firth, Maria Errea, Chris Skedgel, Mireia Jofre-Bonet
September 2021
The Lower Drug Costs Now Act and Pharmaceutical Innovation Jake Hitch, Isobel Firth, Grace Hampson, Mireia Jofre-Bonet, Martina Garau, Lou Garrison, Graham Cookson
September 2021
Working Towards a Sustainable, Healthy Market for Vaccines: a Comprehensive Framework to Support Policy Dialogue and Decision-Making Marina Rodes Sanchez, Boris Rachev, Julia Spencer, Isha Sharma, Anupama Tantri, Adrian Towse, Rachel Mitrovich, Lotte Steuten
September 2021
How is Quality of Life Measured for Health Technology Assessments? David Mott, Gayathri Kumar, Chris Sampson, Martina Garau
July 2021
Key Considerations for Early Access Schemes for Single-Administration (One-Time) Therapies Isobel Firth, Hannah Schirrmacher, Grace Hampson, Adrian Towse
June 2021
Exploring the Financial Sustainability of Gene Therapies Isobel Firth, Grace Hampson, Hannah Schirrmacher, Adrian Towse
May 2021
Key Factors on How to Procure, Pay, Distribute and Use Vaccines for COVID-19: A European Perspective Mikel Berdud, Mireia Jofre-Bonet, Adrian Towse
May 2021
The Promise of Gene Therapies: Are we Ready?
April 2021
Resource Allocation in Public Sector Programmes: Does the Value of a Life Differ Between Governmental Departments? Patricia Cubi-Molla, David Mott, Nadine Henderson, Martina Garau Bernarda Zamora, Mendel Grobler
February 2021
Realising The Broader Value of Vaccines in the UK: Ready for Prime Time? Simon Brassel, Margherita Neri, Lotte Steuten
February 2021
Why we need a new Outcomes-based Value Attribution Framework for Combination Regimens in Oncology Adrian Towse, Lotte Steuten Mickael Lothgren, Andrew Bruce
February 2021
2019 OHE Annual Report to the Charity Commission Office of Health Economics
December 2020
Drop Dead: Is Anchoring at ‘Dead’ a Theoretical Requirement in Health State Valuation? Chris Sampson David Parkin, Nancy Devlin
November 2020
How do we Measure the “Value” in Value-Based care? Ian McKenna
October 2020
Opportunities to Increase Efficiency in Healthcare Chris Skedgel, Grace Hampson, Graham Cookson Maria Errea, Rikard Althin, Thomas Hofmarcher, Peter Lindgren
October 2020
Cornerstones of “Fair” Drug Coverage: Appropriate Cost - Sharing and Utilization Management Policies for Pharmaceuticals Steven D Pearson, Maria Lowe, Adrian Towse, Celia S. Segal, Chris Henshall
September 2020
THE BRAVE INITIATIVE. The BRAVE Narrative for Broad Recognition of Value in Vaccines Engagement. Eleanor Bell, Margherita Neri, Lotte Steuten
September 2020
Bridging the Gap: Pathways for Regulatory and Health Technology Assessment of Histology Independent Therapies Nadine Henderson, Lotte Steuten
August 2020
Incentives for R&D: Payment Options and Pricing Challenges Pedro Pita Barros
August 2020
The Broader Value of Vaccines: The Return on Investment From a Governmental Perspective Simon Brassel, Lotte Steuten
August 2020
Realising the Broader Value of Vaccines in the UK Simon Brassel, Margherita Neri, Phill O’Neill, Lotte Steuten
August 2020
How Should the World Pay for a COVID-19 Vaccine? Adrian Towse, Isobel Firth
July 2020
A Bargaining Approach: A Theory on ICER Pricing and Optimal Level of Cost-Effectiveness Threshold Mikel Berdud, Adrian Towse
July 2020
NICE ‘Optimised’ Decisions: What is the Recommended Level of Patient Access? Phill O’Neill, Amanda Cole
July 2020
Delivering the 2.4 Percent: Unlocking UK Pharma R&D Investment through Evidence-Based Policies Simon Brassel, Graham Cookson
June 2020
International Cost-Effectiveness Thresholds and Modifiers for HTA Decision Making Martina Garau
May 2020
Personalised Medicine: is it an Oil-Rush or Oil-Spill? Alistair McGuire
May 2020
Indication-Based Pricing (IBP) Consultation Report Amanda Cole, Adrian Towse
April 2020
Closing the ‘Know-Do’ Gap for Health Systems Reform at the Policy Level David Hunter and Rafael Bengoa
April 2020
The Evolution of US Policy Responses to the Opioid Epidemic Richard G. Frank
March 2020
Meningococcal Vaccines: An International Comparison of Decision-Making Processes, Frameworks and Methodologies. Are Values Missing? Karla Hernandez-Villafuerte, Koonal Shah, Mike Herdman, Paula Lorgelly
March 2020
Are Cost-Effectiveness Thresholds fit for Purpose for Real-World Decision Making? Patricia Cubi-Molla, Martina Garau
February 2020
What NHS Trusts Can Do to Reduce Waiting Times for Cancer Treatment Julia Gonzalez-Esuerra, Sarah Karlsberg, Steven Paling
February 2020
Evaluating the Cost-effectiveness of Health System Strengthening: A Platforms Perspective Peter Smith
February 2020
Ethical and Economic Issues in the Appraisal of Medicines for Ultra-Rare Conditions Nadine Henderson, Chris Skedgel, Mireia Jofre-Bonet
January 2020
Anchoring Latent Scale Values for the EQ-5D-Y at 0 = Dead Koonal Shah, Nancy Devlin, Juan Manuel Ramos-Goñi
January 2020
2018 OHE Annual Report to the Charity Commission
November 2019
HTA and Payment Mechanisms for New Drugs to Tackle AMR Margherita Neri, Grace Hampson, Christopher Henshall, Adrian Towse
September 2019
Data Governance Arrangements for Real-World Evidence in Japan Adrian Towse, Hideo Yasunaga, Hayato Yamana
September 2019
Unrelieved Pain in Palliative Care in England Graham Cookson, Martina Garau
September 2019
The Case of Risperidone: Assessing the Life-cycle Value of Second-Generation Antipsychotics in Sweden and the UK Mikel Berdud, Niklas Wallin-Bernhardsson, Peter Lindgren, Adrian Towse
July 2019
Valuing EQ-5D-Y Health States Using a Discrete Choice Experiment: Do Adult and Adolescent Preferences Differ? Koonal Shah, Juan Manuel Ramos-Goñi, Nancy Devlin, Oliver Rivero-Arias
July 2019
Documento de debate sobre la fijación de precios en función de la indicación (IBP) ¿Deben variar los precios de los medicamentos según la indicación? Amanda Cole, Adrian Towse
June 2019
Indication-Based Pricing (IBP) Discussion Paper: Should drug prices differ by indication? Amanda Cole, Adrian Towse
May 2019
Can We Really Compare and Aggregate PRO Data Between People and Settings? Implications for Multi-Country Clinical Trials and HTA Nancy Devlin, Paula Lorgelly, Mike Herdman
April 2019
The WHO Technical Report on the Pricing of Cancer Medicines: Missing a central role for HTA and value assessment Simon Brassel, Adrian Towse
April 2019
The Future of Global Health Procurement: Issues around Pricing Transparency Mikel Berdud, Adrian Towse Kalipso Chalkidou, Emma Dean, Jimena Ferraro, Lou Garrison, Cassandra Nemzoff
March 2019
How Should We Measure Quality of Life Impact in Rare Disease? Recent Learnings in Spinal Muscular Atrophy Chris Sampson, Martina Garau
March 2019
Exploring Variations in the Opportunity Cost Cost-effectiveness Threshold by Clinical Area: Results from a Feasibility Study in England Karla Hernandez-Villafuerte, Yan Feng, David Parkin, Nancy Devlin, Adrian Towse
March 2019
Value, Access, and Incentives for Innovation: Policy Perspectives on Alternative Models for Pharmaceutical Rebates Amanda Cole, Adrian Towse, Celia S. Segal, Chris Henshall, Steven D Pearson
March 2019
Making Outcome-Based Payment a Reality in the NHS Amanda Cole, Patricia Cubi-Molla Jack Pollard, Duncan Sim, Richard Sullivan, Jon Sussex, Paula Lorgelly
February 2019
Early Experience with Health Technology Assessment of Gene Therapies in the United States: Pricing and Paying for Cures Dr Steven Pearson
February 2019
Public Preferences for Health Gains and Cures: A Discrete Choice Experiment Grace Hampson, Nancy Devlin, Koonal Shah
January 2019
Can a Strong Economic Case Be Made for Investing in the NHS? Peter Smith
January 2019
Legal Barriers to the Better Use of Health Data to Deliver Pharmaceutical Innovation Amanda Cole, Adrian Towse
December 2018
Multi-Indication Pricing (MIP): Practical Solutions and Steps to Move Forward Margherita Neri, Adrian Towse, Martina Garau
December 2018
OHE Annual Report to the Charity Commission for the Year 2017 The Office of Health Economics
November 2018
Securing Funds for the Proposed NHS Multi-year Funding: The Feasibility of Using a Hypothecated Tax Nicholas Timmins
October 2018
Private Provision of Publicly Funded Health Care: The Economics of Ownership Martin Chalkley
September 2018
Measurement of Medicines Expenditure in the Context of the 2014-18 PPRS Phill O’Neill, Adrian Towse Jimena Ferraro
August 2018
The Impact of New Medicines in the NHS: 70 Years of Innovation Chris Sampson, Phill O’Neill Paula Lorgelly
August 2018
Issues Surrounding the Estimation of the Opportunity Cost of Adopting a New Health Care Technology: Areas for Further Research Adrian Towse Karla Hernandez-Villafuerte
August 2018
R&D, Competition and Diffusion of Innovation in the EU: The Case of Hepatitis C Mikel Berdud, Martina Garau, Margherita Neri, Phill O’Neill, Chris Sampson, Adrian Towse
July 2018
Establishing a Reasonable Price for an Orphan Drug Mikel Berdud, Michael F. Drummond, Adrian Towse
July 2018
Economics of Innovative Payment Models Compared with Single Pricing of Pharmaceuticals Amanda Cole, Adrian Towse, Paula Lorgelly, Richard Sullivan
July 2018
Quality of Life in Long-term Cancer Survivors: Implications for Future Health Technology Assessments in Oncology Patricia Cubi-Molla, Koonal Shah, Mike Herdman, Yvonne Summers, Nancy Devlin
June 2018
A Critique of the Paper “The Estimated Costs of Production and Potential Prices for the World Health Organization Essential Medicines List” Adrian Towse, Karla Hernandez - Villafuerte, Brendan Shaw
May 2018
The Debate on Indication-Based Pricing in the U.S. and Five Major European Countries Adrian Towse, Amanda Cole
May 2018
The UK Biotech Sector and Brexit: Past Performance and Future Prospects Sir Geoffrey Owen, Michael Hopkins
April 2018
New Methods for Analysing the Distribution of EQ-5D Observations David Parkin, Yan Feng, Andrew Bateman, Mike Herdman, Nancy Devlin
April 2018
Understanding the Context, Selecting the Standards: A Framework to Guide the Optimal Development and Use of Real-World Evidence for Coverage and Formulary Decisions Steven D Pearson, Bill Dreitlein, Adrian Towse, Grace Hampson, Chris Henshall
March 2018
Real World Evidence for Coverage Decisions: Opportunities and Challenges Grace Hampson, Adrian Towse, Bill Dreitlein, Chris Henshall, Steven D Pearson
March 2018
Appraising Ultra-Orphan Drugs: Is Cost-Per-QALY Appropriate? A Review of the Evidence Adrian Towse, Martina Garau
March 2018
Barriers to Uptake of Minimal Access Surgery in the United Kingdom Amanda Cole, Phill O’Neill, Chris Sampson, Paula Lorgelly
March 2018
Why are Mortality Rates Rising for Middle-Aged White Non-Hispanic Americans? Could it Happen in Europe? Anne Case, Angus Deaton
March 2018
Review of CRA’s Report “Assessing the Economic Impacts of Changing Exemption Provisions During Patent and SPC Protection in Europe” Mikel Berdud, Adrian Towse Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz
January 2018
NHS Agency Staffing and the Impact of Recent Interventions Chris Mullin
January 2018
Public Health and Economic Implications of the United Kingdom Exiting the EU and the Single Market Mikel Berdud, Grace Hampson Francois Maignen, Paula Lorgelly
December 2017
Routine Funding in the NHS in the UK of Medicines Authorised Between 2011 and 2016 via the European Centralised Procedure Francois Maignen, Paula Lorgelly
December 2017
Antimicrobials Resistance: A Call for Multi-disciplinary Action. How Can HTA Help? Margherita Neri, Adrian Towse
October 2017
Data Governance Arrangements for Real-World Evidence: South Korea Amanda Cole Eui-Kyung Lee, Jae-A Park, Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz
September 2017
A New Valuation Method: Directly Eliciting Personal Utility Functions Nancy Devlin, Koonal Shah, Brendan Mulhern, Krystallia Pantiri, Ben van Hout
August 2017
Interventions that Encourage High-value Nursing Home Care: Lessons for the UK David Grabowski
August 2017
Why Do Immigrants Report Lower Life Satisfaction? Patricia Cubi-Molla, Firat Yaman
July 2017
Ten Years of the NIHR: Achievements and Challenges for the Next Decade Dame Sally C. Davies
June 2017
Additional Elements of Value for Health Technology Assessment Decisions Adrian Towse Sarah Karlsberg-Schaffer, Peter West, Chris Henshall, Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz, Robert Masterson, Alastair Fischer
May 2017
‘Macro’ Evaluation of the NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre Grace Hampson, Mikel Berdud, Adrian Towse Catherine Lichten, Alex Pollitt, Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz, Jon Sussex
May 2017
Incentives for New Drugs to Tackle Anti-Microbial Resistance Adrian Towse Jimena Ferraro, Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz
May 2017
HTA and Decision Making in Asia: How can the available resources be used most effectively to deliver high quality HTA that can be used by health system decision makers? Adrian Towse, Chris Henshall
April 2017
Transferability of HTA Paul Barnsley, Grace Hampson, Adrian Towse, Chris Henshall
April 2017
How can HTA meet the needs of health system and government decision makers? Grace Hampson, Adrian Towse, Chris Henshall
April 2017
Assessing Value, Budget Impact and Affordability to Inform Discussions on Access and Reimbursement: Principles and Practice, with Special Reference to High Cost Technologies Grace Hampson, Adrian Towse, Chris Henshall
April 2017
Age and Utilities: Issues for HTA Patricia Cubi-Molla, Koonal Shah, Jamie Garside, Mike Herdman, Nancy Devlin
April 2017
Comparing the UK EQ-5D-3L and the English EQ-5D-5L Value Sets Brendan Mulhern, Yan Feng, Koonal Shah, Ben van Hout, Bas Janssen, Mike Herdman, Nancy Devlin
March 2017
Comparing Access to Orphan Medicinal Products (OMPs) in the United Kingdom and other European countries Phill O’Neill, Martina Garau Francois Maignen, Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz
March 2017
Gene Therapy: Understanding the Science, Assessing the Evidence, and Paying for Value Grace Hampson, Adrian Towse, Steven D Pearson, Bill Dreitlein, Chris Henshall
March 2017
Delivering an Outcomes-based NHS: Creating the Right Conditions Nick Hicks
February 2017
Exploring the Assessment and Appraisal of Regenerative Medicines and Cell Therapy Products: Is the NICE Approach Fit for Purpose? Grace Hampson, Adrian Towse
February 2017
What is the Normative Basis for Selecting the Measure of ‘Average’ Preferences for Use in Social Choices? Nancy Devlin, Koonal Shah, Ken Buckingham
February 2017
Policy Options for Formulary Development in Middle-income Countries Martina Garau, Adrian Towse, Lou Garrison, Simrun Grewal
January 2017
Policy Options for Formulary Development in Middle-income Countries: Mexico Case Study Martina Garau, Adrian Towse, Lou Garrison
January 2017
An Analysis of NICE Technology Appraisal Decisions ‘Recommended in Line with Clinical Practice’ Phill O’Neill, Amanda Cole, Aurea Duran, Nancy Devlin
December 2016
Applying a Multi-criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) Approach to Elicit Stakeholders’ Preferences in Italy. The Case of Obinutuzumab for Rituximab-Refractory Indolent Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (iNHL) Martina Garau, Grace Hampson, Nancy Devlin, Nicola Amedeo Mazzanti, Antonio Profico
December 2016
Extrapolation from Progression-Free Survival to Overall Survival in Oncology Alastair Fischer, Nicholas Latimer, Chris Henshall
December 2016
Important Aspects of Health Not Captured by EQ-5D: Views of the UK General Public Koonal Shah, Brendan Mulhern, Louise Longworth, Bas Janssen
December 2016
Uncertainty and Risk in HTA Decision Making Adrian Towse, Patricia Cubi-Molla, Paul Barnsley
November 2016
The Distribution of the EQ-5D-5L Index in Patient Populations Yan Feng, Nancy Devlin, Andrew Bateman, David Parkin
October 2016
Improving Efficiency and Resource Allocation in Future Cancer Care Amanda Cole, Martina Garau, Phill O’Neill, Adrian Towse Adam Lundqvist, Paula Lorgelly, Hanna Norrlid, Sarah Karlsberg-Schaffer, Fraser Lewis, Karla Hernandez-Villafuerte, Peter Lindgren, Karl-Olof Welin, Simona Bianchi, Rikard Althin, Ulf Persson
September 2016
Four Case Studies to Explore the Added Value of Oxford AHSN Grace Hampson, Adrian Towse Adam Martin, Jo Exley
September 2016
“New Age” Decision Making in HTA: Is It Applicable in Asia? Amanda Cole, Grace Hampson Nancy Devlin, David Grainger, Eui-Kyung Lee, Wija Oortwijn
August 2016
How Can Health Technology Assessments in the Asia-Pacific Area Respond to Increased Clinical Uncertainty as a Consequence of Expedited US and EU Regulatory Processes? Amanda Cole, Adrian Towse Michelle Mujoomdar, Arnold Chan, Franz Pichler
August 2016
Waiting Time Policies in the Health Sector Siciliani, L.
June 2016
A Review of NICE Methods Across Health Technology Assessment Programmes: Differences, Justifications and Implications Grace Hampson, Amanda Cole Emma Brockis, Nancy Devlin
May 2016
Shaping the Research Agenda to Estimate Cost-effectiveness Thresholds for Decision Making Patricia Cubi-Molla, Adrian Towse Sarah Karlsberg-Schaffer, Nancy Devlin
April 2016
Assessing Trends in SMC Advice Decisions (October 2009- September 2015) Phill O’Neill
February 2016
New Methods for Modelling EQ-5D-5L Value Sets: An Application to English Data Yan Feng, Nancy Devlin, Koonal Shah, Brendan Mulhern, Ben van Hout
January 2016
Valuing Health-Related Quality of Life: An EQ-5D-5L Value Set for England Nancy Devlin, Koonal Shah, Yan Feng, Berndan Mulhern, Ben Van Hout
January 2016
Model of Behaviour within Fuzzy Budget Constraints
December 2015
Cost-per-QALY in the US and Britain: Damned if You Do and Damned if You Don’t Milton Weinstein
December 2015
Data Governance Arrangements for Real-World Evidence Amanda Cole, Adrian Towse Lou Garrison, Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz
November 2015
Dementia: The R&D Landscape Grace Hampson Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz
November 2015
Multi-indication Pricing: Pros, Cons and Applicability to the UK Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz, Adrian Towse, Renato Dellamano, Michele Pistollato
October 2015
Estimation of Future Cases of Dementia from Those Born in 2015 Fraser Lewis
October 2015
Incorporating Life-cycle Price Modelling into Pharmaceutical Cost-effectiveness Evaluations Michele Pistollato
August 2015
Improving the Fiscal and Political Sustainability of Health Systems through Integrated Population Needs-Based Planning Stephen Birch
June 2015
International Comparison of Medicines Usage: Quantitative Analysis from a Swedish Perspective Phill O’Neill
May 2015
International Decision Support Initiative (iDSI): Mapping of priority-setting in health in 17 low and middle countries across Asia, Latin America, and Africa Ryan Li, Adrian Towse, Kalipso Chalkidou
April 2015
Assessing the Use of Multi-indication Medicines: A Review of Current Data Capabilities in the UK Amanda Cole
March 2015
A Framework for Payer Assessment of the Value of New Technologies: A US Approach
March 2015
Incentives to follow Best Practice in Health Care Sarah Karlsberg-Schaffer, Jon Sussex, Yan Feng
February 2015
An Investigation of the Feasibility and Cultural Appropriateness of Stated Preference Methods to Generate EQ-5D-5L Values in the United Arab Emirates Manny Papadimitropoulos, Iffat Elbarazi, Iain Blair, Marina-Selini Katsaiti, Koonal Shah, Nancy Devlin
February 2015
Do Respondents Completing Abstract, Hypothetical Priority-setting Exercises Agree With the Policy Implications of Their Choices? Koonal Shah, Amanda Cole, Nancy Devlin, Paul Barnsley
February 2015
Universal Health Coverage: The Holy Grail? Anne Mills
January 2015
Comparative and Relative Effectiveness: A Challenge For Health Systems, Regulators, or Pharmaceutical Companies? Adrian Towse
December 2014
Biosimilar Competition: Lessons from Europe and Prospects for the US Henry G. Grabowski
October 2014
Obstructive Sleep Apnoea: Health Economics Report Juan Carlos Rejon-Parilla, Martina Garau
September 2014
What Determines the Shape of an EQ-5D Index Distribution? David Parkin, Nancy Devlin, Yan Feng
August 2014
Exploring the Interdependencies of Research Funders in the UK Koonal Shah, Martina Garau, Daniele Rotolo, Michael Hopkins, Nicola Grassano, Philippa Crane, Frederique Lang, John Hutton, C Pateman, Abigail Mawer, Chris Farrell, Tamy-Amm Sharp
July 2014
The Trajectory of Dementia in the UK - Making a Difference Fraser Lewis, Phill O’Neill, Lesley Cockcroft
June 2014
Opportunity Costs of Implementing NICE Decisions in NHS Wales Sarah Karlsberg-Schaffer, Jon Sussex, Dyfrig Hughs, Nancy Devlin
June 2014
The Expanding Value Footprint of Oncology Treatments Juan Carlos Rejon-Parilla, Karla Hernandez-Villafuerte, Koonal Shah, Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz, Lou Garrison, Adrian Towse
May 2014
Real Option Value and Path Dependence in Oncology Innovation Joseph P Cook
April 2014
The Current Drug Development Paradigm: Responding to US and European Demands for Evidence of Comparative Effectiveness and Relative Effectiveness Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz, Patricia Deverka, Michele Pistollato, Emily Rosenberg
April 2014
What is the Role of HTA for Biosimilars? Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz, Adrian Towse
April 2014
Can the US Afford to Ignore Cost-effectiveness Evidence? James Chambers
March 2014
Contracting for Quality in the NHS Alan Maynard
January 2014
Projecting Expenditure on Medicines in the NHS: Second Edition Phill O’Neill, Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz, Ruth Puig-Peiro, Jon Sussex
January 2014
Searching for Cost-effectiveness Thresholds in NHS Scotland Sarah Karlsberg-Schaffer, Jon Sussex, Nancy Devlin, Andrew Walker
December 2013
Critique of CHE Research Paper 81: Methods for the Estimation of the NICE Cost Effectiveness Threshold Adrian Towse Paul Barnsley, Sarah Karlsberg-Schaffer, Jon Sussex
December 2013
The Influence of Cost-effectiveness and Other Factors on NICE Decisions Phill O’Neill Helen Dakin, Nancy Devlin, Yan Feng, Nigel Rice, David Parkin
November 2013
OHE Guide to UK Health and Health Care Statistics Emma Hawe, Lesley Cockcroft
October 2013
Health Economics: An Introduction to Economic Evaluation Gisela Kobelt
September 2013
A Study of the Relationship Between Health and Subjective Well-being in Parkinson's Disease Patients Patricia Cubi-Molla Jane de Vries, Nancy Devlin
July 2013
The challenges and economics of drug development in 2022 Nancy Mattison
July 2013
What constitutes credible evidence of effectiveness Michael Rawlins
June 2013
Exploring the link between health and wealth in decision making Martina Garau, Koonal Shah, Priya Sharma, Adrian Towse
May 2013
Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis to Value Orphan Medicines Pierrick Rollet, Martina Garau, Claude Schmitt, Alastair Kent, Adam Hutchings
May 2013
Projecting Expenditure on Medicines in the NHS Phill O’Neill, Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz, Ruth Puig-Peiro, Jon Sussex
April 2013
The Effect of Free Personal Care for the Elderly on Informal Caregiving Sarah Karlsberg-Schaffer
February 2013
Understanding Social Preferences Regarding the Prioritisation of Treatments Addressing Unmet Need and Severity Koonal Shah, Nancy Devlin
December 2012
Valuing Health at the End of Life: A Stated Preference Discrete Choice Experiment Koonal Shah, Aki Tsuchiya, Arne Risa Hole, Allan Wailoo
December 2012
The R&D Cost of a New Medicine Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz, Jon Sussex, Adrian Towse
December 2012
The Humble Economist: Tony Culyer on Health, Health Care and Social Decision Making Richard Cookson, Karl Claxton
November 2012
Value Based Pricing in Sweden: Lessons for Design? Ulf Persson
November 2012
Causes of Death: A Study of a Century of Change in England and Wales Lesley Cockcroft, Emma Hawe
October 2012
International Comparisons of Medicines Prices: 2011 Indices Phill O’Neill, Ruth Puig-Peiro, Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz, Jon Sussex
October 2012
Is There a Productivity Crisis in Pharmaceutical R&D? Massimo Riccaboni
June 2012
The Many Faces of Innovation Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz, Arik Mordoh, Jon Sussex
June 2012
Can and Should Value Based Pricing Be Applied to Molecular Diagnostics? Martina Garau, Adrian Towse, Lou Garrison, Laura Housman, Diego Ossa
April 2012
The Tougher the Better: The Effect of an Increased Performance Threshold on the Performance of General Practitioners Yan Feng, Ada May, Shelley Farrar, Matt Sutton
April 2012
Assessing the Performance of the EQ-VAS in the NHS PROMs Programme Yan Feng, David Parkin, Nancy Devlin
April 2012
The Use of Pay-for-Performance for Drugs: Can It Improve Incentives for Innovation? Adrian Towse, Lou Garrison, Ruth Puig-Peiro
February 2012
Report of the Office of Health Economics Commission on Competition in the NHS
January 2012
Time Trends in NICE HTA Decisions Phill O’Neill, Nancy Devlin, Ruth Puig-Peiro
January 2012
Critical Review of the Quality and Competition Measures and Identification Strategies Used in Health Care Studies Arik Mordoh
December 2011
Valuing Health at the End of Life: An Exploratory Preference Elicitation Study Koonal Shah, Aki Tsuchiya, Allan Wailoo
December 2011
Willingness to Pay and Publicly Funded Health Care: Contradiction in Terms? Cam Donaldson
November 2011
Summary Report of the OHE/EFPIA Antibacterial Roundtable Priya Sharma
November 2011
The Effect of an Increase in the Rate of Payment on General Practitioner's Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation Yan Feng, Shelley Farrar, Matt Sutton, Ada May
November 2011
Using Happiness to Value Health Paul Dolan
November 2011
Health and the Use of Medicines in Primary Care in Wales Lesley Cockcroft, Emma Hawe, Phill O’Neill, Rick Greville
November 2011
Operationalising Value Based Pricing of Medicines: A Taxonomy of Approaches Adrian Towse Jon Sussex, Nancy Devlin
August 2011
OHE Guide to UK Health and Health Care Statistics Emma Hawe, Peter Yuen, Lesley Cockcroft
July 2011
Achieving World Class Outcomes in Cancer Treatment Sir Mike Richards
July 2011
Is the Aim of the Health Care System to Maximise QALYs? An Investigation of Koonal Shah, Cecile Praet, Nancy Devlin, Jon Sussex, John Appleby, David Parkin
May 2011
New Drugs to Tackle Antimicrobial Resistance: Analysis of EU Policy Options Priya Sharma, Adrian Towse
April 2011
Exploring the Interdependency between Public and Charitable Medical Research Martina Garau, Arik Mordoh
April 2011
Incentives for R&D for New Antimicrobial Drugs Adrian Towse, Priya Sharma
April 2011
Incorporating Multiple Criteria in HTA: Methods and Processes Nancy Devlin, Jon Sussex
March 2011
Managing Poorly Performing Clinicians: The Value of Independent Help Verity Watson, Ebenezer Teeteh, Mandy Ryan
March 2011
Pharmaceutical Pricing in Europe: Is Differential Pricing a Win-Win Solution? Martina Garau, Adrian Towse, Patricia Danzon
February 2011
The Evolution of HTA in Emerging Markets Health Care Systems: Analysis to Support a Policy Response Adrian Towse, Nancy Devlin, Emma Hawe, Lou Garrison
January 2011
Priority Review Vouchers to Encourage Innovation for Neglected Diseases Henry G. Grabowski
January 2011
A Comparison of Alternative Variants of the Lead and Lag Time TTO Nancy Devlin, Ken Buckingham, Koonal Shah, Aki Tsuchiya, Carl Tilling, Grahame Wilkinson, Ben van Hout
December 2010
Biosimilars: How Much Entry and Price Competition Will Result? Adrian Towse Nancy Mattison, Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz
December 2010
Science Policy Research: Having an Impact on Policy? Ben Martin
December 2010
Assessment of the Impact of Orphan Medicinal Products on the European Economy and Society Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz, Martina Garau, Phill O’Neill, Jon Sussex
November 2010
Shedding the Pounds: Obesity Management, NICE Guidance and Bariatric Surgery in England Phill O’Neill
November 2010
The Publicly Funded Vaccines Market in Australia Jon Sussex, Koonal Shah, Jim Butler
October 2010
The Publicly Funded Vaccines Market in the UK Jon Sussex, Koonal Shah
October 2010
Using QALYs in Cancer: Review of the Methodological Limitations Martina Garau, Koonal Shah, Anne R. Mason, Qing Wang, Adrian Towse, Michael F. Drummond
October 2010
Researching the Relative Efficacy and Relative Effectiveness of Medicines across Europe Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz, Ruth Puig-Peiro, Adrian Towse
October 2010
New Drugs to Tackle Antimicrobial Resistance: EU Policy Options Priya Sharma, Adrian Towse
October 2010
Enhancing the Benefits from Biomedical and Health Research Spillovers
October 2010
US Healthcare Reform: Monumental Health System Transformation or Fatally Flawed Compromise? Alan M. Garber
September 2010
Innovation in Medicines: Can We Value Progress?
August 2010
Getting the Most out of PROMs: Putting Health Outcomes at the Heart of NHS Decision-Making Nancy Devlin, John Appleby
March 2010
Measuring Health Output, Productivity and Equity: Future Challenges Anthony Atkinson
January 2010
Access Mechanisms for Orphan Drugs: A Comparative Study of Selected European Countries Martina Garau, Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz
November 2009
Why Should Economic Evaluations of Medical Innovations Have a Societal Perspective? Magnus Johannesson, Bengt Jonsson, Linus Jonsson, Gisela Kobelt, Niklas Zethraeus
October 2009
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Medical Research: What's It Worth?
November 2008
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Competition and contestability between acute hospitals
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Accountable Health Care: Is it compatible with social solidarity? Uwe Reinhardt
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Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism Jane Griffin
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Financing Health Care in the UK: A Discussion of NERA’s Prototype Model to Replace the NHS Adrian Towse
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A Doctor Looks at Health Economics Sir Douglas Black
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Born Imperfect: The role of genetic disease Richard West
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December 1992
Dementia Justin Keen
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Drug misuse Jane Griffin
April 1992
Depression Richard West
March 1992
Arthritis Mandy Wyles
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January 1992
Aids in Africa: Meeting the Challenge through Training Education and Prevention
January 1992
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October 1991
Migraine J. N. Blau, Michael F. Drummond
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AIDS: Worldwide Policies and Problems Mildred Blaxter
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Organ Transplantation Richard West
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Factors Influencing Clinical Decisions in General Practice
May 1991
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Cholesterol and Coronary Heart Disease: Consensus or Controversy? Bernie O'Brien
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Patterns of Prescribing George Teeling Smith
January 1991
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September 1990
Variations between General Practitioners Ray Robinson, Jane Griffin
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Measuring the Benefits of Medicines: The Future Agenda George Teeling Smith
March 1990
February 1990
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February 1990
Osteoporosis and the risk of fracture Jane Griffin
January 1990
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December 1989
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Cost-Benefit Analysis of Medicines – a Guide for Industry George Teeling Smith
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Measurement and Management in the NHS George Teeling Smith
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March 1989
People as Patients and Patients as People
February 1989
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December 1988
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September 1988
Health Care in China Yinong Shao
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Measuring Health: a Practical Approach George Teeling Smith
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Stroke Sarah Dale
June 1988
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HIV and AIDS in the United Kingdom Nick Wells
January 1988
Women's Health Today Nick Wells
November 1987
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Health Economics: Prospects for the Future George Teeling Smith
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Cost and Benefits of Pharmaceutical Research George Teeling Smith
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December 1986
What Are My Chances Doctor? – a Review of Clinical Risks Bernie O'Brien
November 1986
Mental Handicap: Partnership in the Community?
July 1986
Health: the Politicians Dilemma George Teeling Smith
June 1986
Health Expenditure in the UK Robert Chew
May 1986
Crisis in Research Nick Wells
April 1986
Cystic Fibrosis Gillian Capewell
March 1986
Health, Education and General Practice George Teeling Smith
January 1986
Private Health Care William Laing
July 1985
Back Pain Nick Wells
July 1985
Measurement of Health George Teeling Smith
June 1985
Pharmaceuticals in seven nations Robert Chew, George Teeling Smith, Nick Wells
May 1985
Techniques of Health Status Measurement Using a Health Index Gillian Holland
April 1985
Politics of Prescribing
January 1985
New NHS Act for 1996? George Teeling Smith
October 1984
Childhood Vaccination: Current Controversies Nick Wells
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July 1984
Pharmaceuticals Among the Sunrise Industries Nick Wells
July 1984
Understanding the NHS in the 1980's David Taylor
May 1984
Patterns of European Diagnoses and Prescribing Bernie O'Brien
January 1984
Pharmaceutical Innovation: Recent Trends, Future Prospects Nick Wells
October 1983
Keep on Taking the Tablets? A Review of the Problem of Patient Non-Compliance George Teeling Smith
October 1983
Second Pharmacological Revolution
July 1983
Pharmaceuticals in Developing Countries Arnold Worlock
July 1983
Measuring the Social Benefits of Medicine George Teeling Smith
July 1983
Future for Pharmaceuticals: the Potential; the Pattern and the Problems George Teeling Smith
June 1983
Issues in Development: a Guide Klaus M. Leisinger
May 1983
Needs of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers from Their Medical Departments in the 1980s George Teeling Smith
February 1983
Consumer Movement, Health, and the Pharmaceutical Industry David Taylor
January 1983
Adverse Reactions and the Community George Teeling Smith
November 1982
Ill in Europe John Vaizey
October 1982
Medicines and the Quality of Life George Teeling Smith
September 1982
Coronary Heart Disease: the Scope for Prevention Nick Wells
August 1982
Medicines, Health and the Poor World David Taylor
April 1982
Costs and Benefits of Regulating New Product Development in the UK Pharmaceutical Industry Keith Hartley, Alan Maynard
March 1982
Hip Replacement in the NHS William Laing, David Taylor
March 1982
Doctors, Nurses and Midwives in the NHS George Teeling Smith
November 1981
Accidents in childhood Nick Wells
September 1981
Sickness Absence – A Review Nick Wells
August 1981
Price Comparisons of Identical Products in Japan, the United States and Europe W. Duncan Reekie
August 1981
Disability in Britain – The Process of Transition David Taylor
July 1981
Trends in European Health Spending
May 1981
Alcohol: Reducing the Harm David Taylor
April 1981
Suicide and Deliberate Self Harm Nick Wells
January 1981
Health Research in England: Topic for Debate David Taylor
January 1981
Economic Aspects of the Development of New Medicines George Teeling Smith
January 1981
Effects of Prescription Charges
December 1980
Mild Hypertension George Teeling Smith
November 1980
Medicines: 50 Years of Progress 1930-1980 Nick Wells
July 1980
Leukaemia: Towards Control David Taylor
June 1980
Question of Balance: the Benefits and Risks of Pharmaceutical Innovation George Teeling Smith
May 1980
End Stage Renal Failure William Laing
April 1980
Huntington's Chorea Tina Scoones
March 1980
Perinatal Mortality in Britain – A Question of Class
December 1979
Dementia in Old Age Nick Wells
October 1979
Medicines for the year 2000 George Teeling Smith, Nick Wells
September 1979
Immunisation for Everyone – The Polio Experience
September 1979
Schizophrenia David Taylor
April 1979
Scarce Resources in Health Care
February 1979
November 1978
Cost of the NHS
October 1978
Birth Impairments Nick Wells
September 1978
Health Care Research Expenditure
June 1978
Mental Handicap: ways forward
April 1978
Pharmaceutical Prices: A continental view Klaus von Grebmer
April 1978
Renal Failure a priority in health? William Laing
April 1978
Physical Impairment: Social Handicap
November 1977
Sources of Information for Prescribing Doctors in Britain
September 1977
Preventing Bronchitis
April 1977
The Reorganised NHS David Taylor
March 1977
Viral Hepatitis in Britain
January 1977
October 1976
Brand Names in Prescribing
September 1976
April 1976
February 1976
Murder, Manslaughter and Infanticide
January 1976
Infant and Child Health
December 1975
Medicines Which Affect the Mind
October 1975
Health Care Dilemma or 'Am I kranken, doctor?'
August 1975
Canberra Hypothesis: the Economics of the Prescription Medicine Market
July 1975
Multiple Sclerosis
May 1975
Accidental deaths
April 1975
Parkinson's Disease
December 1974
Venereal Diseases
October 1974
September 1974
Benefits and Risks and Medical Care: a Symposium Held by the Office of Health Economics David Taylor
July 1974
Work of Primary Medical Care
June 1974
NHS Reorganisation
March 1974
Mental Handicap
September 1973
Skin Disorders
June 1973
Rheumatism and Arthritis in Britain
March 1973
Medical Care in Developing Countries
November 1972
Medicine and Society: the Changing Demands for Medical Care
October 1972
Hospital Purchasing
September 1972
Pharmaceutical Industry and Society: a Study of the Changing Environment and Economics of the International Industry George Teeling Smith
July 1972
Migraine Fraser Lewis
June 1972
Evaluation in the Health Services
May 1972
Family Planning in Britain
April 1972
Hypertension: a Suitable Case for Treatment?
October 1971
Epilepsy and Society
July 1971
Prospects in Health
June 1971
Off Sick
January 1971
Early Diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infection A. W. Asscher
July 1970
Alcohol Abuse
July 1970
Ophthalmic Service
July 1970
Building for Health
July 1970
Human Relations in General Practice John McKenzie
July 1969
Antibiotics in Animal Husbandry
July 1969
Dental Service
July 1969
Age of Maturity
July 1969
Obesity and disease
July 1969
Medicines in the 1990s: a Technological Forecast
July 1969
Innovation in Industry: a Factor for Growth
July 1969
Economics and Innovation the Pharmaceutical Industry George Teeling Smith
July 1969
Without Prescription: a Study of the Role of Self-Medication
July 1968
Early Diagnosis of Anaemia G. S. Kilpatrick
July 1968
Early Diagnosis of Some Diseases of the Lung A. L. Cochrane, C. M. Fletcher
July 1968
Early Diagnosis of Ischaemic Heart Disease M. F. Oliver
July 1968
Early Diagnosis of Depression K. Rawnsley
July 1968
Early Diagnosis of Cancer of the Cervix O. A. N. Husain
July 1968
Consumer and the Health Service John McKenzie
July 1968
Old Age
July 1968
General Practice Today
July 1968
Provision of General Medical Care in New Towns Dr John Fry, John McKenzie
July 1967
Early Diagnosis of Visual Defects P. A. Graham
July 1967
Early Diagnosis of Raised Arterial Blood Pressure W. W. Holland
July 1967
Pharmaceutical Research: the Case for Growth in Britain
July 1967
Malnutrition in the 1960s?
July 1967
Innovation Balance of Payments: the Experience of the Pharmaceutical Industry George Teeling Smith
July 1967
Efficiency in the Hospital Service
July 1967
Drug Addiction
July 1967
Alive to Forty-Five George Teeling Smith
July 1967
Women in Medicine: The Results of an Inquiry Conducted by the Medical Practitioners' Union in 1962 – 63 Margot Jefferys, Patricia M. Elliott
July 1966
Common Illness of Our Time: a Study of the Problem of Ischemic Heart Disease
July 1966
Surveillance and Early Diagnosis and General Practice George Teeling Smith
July 1966
Progress in Mental Health
July 1966
Medical Manpower
July 1966
Disorders Which Shorten Life
July 1966
Work Lost through Sickness
July 1965
Residue of Poliomyelitis Michael Lee
July 1965
Local Health Services
July 1965
Costs of Mental Care
July 1965
Science, Industry in the State George Teeling Smith
July 1965
Factors Which May Affect Expenditure on Health
July 1965
Costs of Medical Care
July 1964
Finance of Medical Research
July 1964
New Frontiers in Health
July 1964
Infants at Risk
July 1964
Pharmacist in Society
July 1964
Pattern of Diabetes
July 1964
Venereal Diseases
December 1963
Personal Health Services: A Perspective of the General Medical & the Pharmaceutical Services
October 1963
Price of Poliomyelitis
August 1963
Hospital Costs in Perspective
June 1963
Health Services in Western Europe
May 1963
Pneumonia in Decline
April 1963
Lives of Our Children: a Study in Childhood Mortality
December 1962
Progress against Tuberculosis
October 1962