Seminar Briefing

Sussex, J.

Seminar Briefing
December 2002

This briefing is based on the results of a seminar held in London on 30 May 2002. The seminar titled Building long term partnerships, was organised jointly by the Office of Health Economics and ACCA with the Future Healthcare Network of the NHS Confederation.

Locock, L. ed.

Seminar Briefing
October 1999

A number of important themes emerged, as well as some signals as to the leadership development needs of those charged with ensuring PCGs’ success.

They challenges they face are to:

Gold, L. ed.

Seminar Briefing
September 1999
  • International and UK experience illustrates the difficulty of involving the publica in health caare priority setting in ways that enable politicians, managers and doctors to incorporate public preferences into practical decision making.
  • Many techniques for measuring public preferences fail to incorporate key concepts:
  • opportunity cost. What are people prepared to give up or have less of, in order to have more of something else? The public have to be asked to make trade-offs;

Goodwin, N. ed.

Seminar Briefing
July 1999

• The integration of health care is the defining theme of policy developments in the UK, US and New Zealand. The common element between the three countries has been the development of multipractice and multi-professional groups in primary care settings.

• International learning has become commonplace and has accelerated the introduction of innovations in the UK.


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