The OHE has just published reports on the vaccines markets in Australia and in the UK, originally prepared as case studies for a project funded by the Federal German Ministry of Health (Bundesgesundheitsministerium). The main findings of the UK study are outlined in this post.

Now available is the full text of Dr Alan Garber's remarks at the OHE Annual Lecture. Each year, the OHE sponsors a lecture that explores a timely issue in medicine and/or health economics.

Does including the name of a specific severe disease in preference surveys affect public attitudes toward resource allocation? A recent proof of concept study suggests that 'naming' does not increase preferences for allocating more resources to severe diseases when improvement is likely to be modest.

Science, technology and innovation (STI) are gaining even greater importance with globalisation and international competition. The benefits STI provides, however, also carry risks and social costs. Science policy research is important in both encouraging and managing STI. A recent OHE lunchtime seminar examined the evolution of this field and its impact on decision makers.