Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is becoming a major global public health threat. In this new OHE Research Paper, the authors identify barriers to the development of new products and recommend a hybrid push-pull approach to encouraging innovation.

The UK’s National Clinical Assessment Service (NCAS) provides advice to NHS managers about handling performance issues involving doctors, pharmacists and dentists. This post summarises an OHE research project meant to establish how much NHS managers value the NCAS’s services and the relative value placed on different attributes and types of service.

In December 2010, the UK Department of Health released a consultation document to elicit comments on ‘proposals for a new value-based system of pricing medicines which aims to recognise and reward innovation. The document sets out the principles that would underpin the move to value-based pricing, outlines how the new system could work across the UK and seeks views on a number of key issues’.

The Office of Health Economics is pleased to announce the appointment of two Economists. Dr Yan Feng specialises in understanding what incentives affect the behaviour of health care professionals; Arik Mordoh specialises in the economic and legal aspects of competition in the UK and EU.

Summarised in this post is a just-released OHE Occasional Paper that examines the potentially positive impact of differential pricing in Europe and the overall negative effects of international reference pricing (IRP) measures.