The 2011 OHE Annual Lecture -- Cost per QALY in the U.S. and Britain: Damned if You Do and Damned if You Don't? -- will be presented by Prof Milton Weinstein of Harvard University on 15 November 2011 in London. He will examine the differences in the US and British perspectives and argue for a convergence that combines the two approaches.

A new report today by the Office of Health Economics (OHE) called for a shake up in the way future antibiotics are to be rewarded in Europe so that biopharmaceutical companies can spend more to fight superbugs.

Forthcoming in the Oxford Handbook on the Economics of the Biopharmaceutical Industry, this paper describes the context of the problem of access to medicines in developing countries. The authors detail policies and proposals intended to increase access to both 'global' and 'neglected' diseases, including pricing, compulsory licensing, donations and 'push' and 'pull' mechanisms to stimulate R&D.