OHE at Virtual HTAi June 2021

The HTAi 2021 Annual Meeting (‘Innovation Through HTA’) will take place virtually from Saturday, June 19, to Wednesday, June 23, 2021. A number of the team from OHE will be in attendance to present their research. For full details on the event please check the HTAi program 



Tuesday, June 22, 2021 

2:00pm – 3:00pm UTC (3:00pm – 4:00pm BST) 

[SS03] Amanda Cole will be on the panel titled What’s the role of Outcomes-Based Agreements in Future Value-Based Healthcare Systems? This symposium will discuss the role of outcomes-based agreements in future Value Based Healthcare systems and some of the challenges that these will need to overcome to become a reality. The session will bring together diverse perspectives of how this could happen, from patients, healthcare professionals, through to reimbursement bodies, payers and industry partners.


The panel will be chaired by Chris Bidad (Senior Director IDM Access Innovation Lead, Pfizer). The other panellists for this discussion will be Chris Henshall (Honorary Professor Brunel University and Independent Consultant), Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard (Head of Health & Analytics at LCP, Northumbria NHS Chair, Health Inequalities Programme Board and vice-chair Royal Society for Public Health), and Rishi Hazarika (Digital Lead, Pfizer UK). 



Wednesday, June 23, 2021 

6:15pm – 7:30pm UTC (7:15pm – 8:30pm BST) 

[PN44] Adian Towse will be taking part in the panel Challenges and Opportunities of Building Value into Development for Innovative Technologies: A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective. Other panellists will include Tina Wang (United Kingdom), Amy Sood (Canada) and Marc Casteele (Belgium).  



[OP34] Margherita NeriRecognising the broader value of vaccines in HTA: worth a shot? [Link to video] 

[OP36] Nadine Henderson: Resource allocation in public sector programmes: does the value of a life differ between governmental departments? [Link to video] 

[OP50] Amanda Cole and Adrian TowseData Protection in the EU Post-GDPR: A Barrier or an Enabler of Pharmaceutical Innovation? 

[OP121] Chris SampsonSupply-side Cost-effectiveness thresholds: Questions for evidence-based policy [Link to video] 



[PP16] Lotte Steuten: Invisible Resilience: The Value of Medical Technology in Reducing Population and Health Systems’ Vulnerability to COVID-19 

[PP35] Nadine HendersonTwenty Years of Orphan Medicines Regulation: Have Treatments Reached Patients In Need Across Europe and Canada? 

[PP115] Chris SampsonSupply-Side Cost-Effectiveness Thresholds: One Name, Many Faces? 


Related Research

Brassel, S., Neri, M., and Steuten, L., 2021. Realising the Value of Vaccines in the UK: Ready for Prime Time? OHE Consulting Report, London: Office of Health Economics. Available at: https://www.ohe.org/publications/realising-broader-value-vaccines-uk-ready-prime-time  


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