OHE is Launching a New Series to Explore the Latest Attempts to Reduce the Cost of US Healthcare

US healthcare reform is frequently on the US presidential policy agenda. 


Following the lead from his predecessors, President Obama’s controversial health insurance reform and President Trump’s public acknowledgement for the need for lower drug prices, President Biden has taken up the gauntlet and put the cost of prescription drugs front and centre. 


US policy makers are currently discussing the Elijah E. Cummings Lower Drug Costs Now Act (commonly referred to as H.R. 3which is the new attempt to control costs in the system. If implemented, it gives new powers for the US Government to set price caps for prescription drugs used through Medicare which will also influence prices in the commercial market. 




H.R. 3 is important because of its potential impact. Recent analyses of the policy have suggested that drugs that would otherwise have been developed if H.R. 3 were not passed, will be lost with a potentially huge cost to society and future patients. 




To coincide with the Congressional Budget Office assessment of the bill, which is happening over the next 10 days, OHE is releasing a series of new blogsThe series is based upon an in-depth study we undertook for PhRMA in which we asked a range of experts what they thought about H.R. 3.  


The series explores expert insights around the new act; what it means for the future, and why our recent study suggests that H.R. 3 would be damaging for pharmaceutical innovation and society 


The first instalment is coming soonH.R. 3 is the wrong policy for the wrong problem. 




We will be covering  H.R.3 as it progresses on our OHE Twitter and LinkedIn channels. Join the discussion at #OHEHR3Series 


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