OHE Innovation Policy Prize – Frequently Asked Questions

Article by: Charlotte Davies

OHE Innovation Policy Prize – frequently asked questions

With 19 days to go until the deadline, we are sharing a few insights and frequently asked questions around the why, who, how, when of this year’s inaugural OHE Innovation Policy Prize. Please get in touch with us via prizefund@ohe.org if you have any questions which are not covered below.

We wish everyone who is working on entries the best of luck!

Do you have to be an economist/health economist to enter?

No, we welcome and encourage entries from almost* everyone. We are looking to inspire innovation and out-of-box thinking which does not require economic training. However, and especially in the second round, we are looking for examples of global application of solutions – but our judges will be providing insights and guidance to successful first round applicants.  

*The only exemptions are current and past OHE employees/contractors or their families, and current and past OHE board or trustee members. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Do all contributing authors have to be in the UK?

No, we welcome entries from around the world as well as mixed-location entries. The only requirement is that the entries are submitted in the English.

Is the OHE Prize free to enter?


Is there a template for entries?

Yes, the template includes a submission checklist, terms and conditions sign off, and content structure. All submissions will need to be entered in this template.

Is there any entry guidance from the judges?

Yes, the judges have identified four key areas for consideration:

  • Incentivising innovation
  • Ensuring access and health system sustainability
  • Signalling social value
  • Global health systems

More information can be found in the authors guidance pack.

Does the word limit include references and appendices?

No, these can be submitted at the end of the template and are not included in the solution word limit. The Judges reserve the right not to consider any Appendices attached to the Primary Submissions in devising the shortlist.

Are the entries only judged by OHE?

No, we have curated a panel of judges with a vast array of expertise areas. The panel includes three of the OHE leadership team who hold two visiting professors and a honorary research fellow between them plus the Director of Research and the REAL Centre, Chief Executive of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, Professor at the Department of Health Policy and Management at Columbia University, and Professor of Economics at the Centre d'économie industrielle (Cerna) at Mines ParisTech.

Is the judging process impartial?

Yes. Our dedicated Prize Manager will ensure that all entries are anonymous during first and second round judging. The entry origins will only be revealed to the judges after the judging process is completed and the winners are selected.

What is the entry process?

In the first round of entries, we are asking for a 500-word summary and 2,500-word solution to our question. Entries must be uploaded to the Prize Portal no later than 23:59:59 on 18 September 2022, late entries will not be accepted.

Our judging panel will create a shortlist of the most promising entries who will be invited to write a longer 10,000 solution and a video summary (funded by OHE). Successful entries will also receive feedback notes from our judges on how to elevate their entries. The deadline for submission of second round entries is 23:59:59 27 November 2022.

The winner will be announced on the 02 December 2022 and a prize ceremony will be held on 14 December in London where the lead author from the winning paper will be invited to present their solution (reasonable travel expenses paid).

What are the prizes?

All shortlist entries will be published in the new dedicated Prize Hub on ohe.org and have the opportunity to submit a paper to a special issue or section of PharmacoEconomics based on their entry. The runner-up is awarded £10,000 and winning entry is awarded £40,000. The lead author will also be invited, expenses paid, to present their solution at the OHE Innovation Policy Prize ceremony on 14 December 2022 in London.

Is the OHE Innovation Policy Prize running annually?

No - it will be running every two years.

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