Risk-sharing Arrangements

The blog provides links to slide sets for presentations relating to going ‘beyond QALYs’ when valuing health care interventions, managed entry agreements within the UK pharmaceutical landscape, new business models for antibiotics, and economics of the market for medicines

A new OHE Consulting Report assesses information governance arrangements for real-world data in eight countries, and makes recommendations towards an ideal governance framework.

Recently published is a study by a research team including OHE’s Adrian Towse which examines prospects for risk-sharing agreements between pharmaceutical manufacturers and payers in the US private sector.

This blog contains a selection of the posters and presentations given by OHE at ISPOR Philadelphia in May 2015.

This post is the second of a two part summary of OHE’s scheduled activity at ISPOR Philadelphia 2015.

Medicines Adaptive Pathways: A Practical Strategy to Improve Patient Access to Medicines?
In September 2014 the Centre for Innovation in Regulatory Science held a workshop with invited regulators, health technology assessment (HTA) bodies and...

ISPOR’s 17th Annual European Congress is scheduled for 8-12 November 2014 in Amsterdam. This is the second of two blog posts that outlines OHE’s involvement. (The first blog is available...

Adrian Towse, currently President of ISPOR, contributed to two session at the recent ISPOR Asia-Pacific conference.

Using HTA to maximise health system performance: Health technology assessment (HTA) is familiar as a technique for...

Best practices for performance-based risk-sharing arrangements in health care are described in detail in this new ISPOR report, developed by a task force co-chaired by Professor Lou Garrison, University of Washington and Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the OHE, and Professor Adrian Towse, Director of the OHE. The report appeared in late August in Value in Health. The idea of paying only for health interventions that work at least as well as expected is intuitively attractive.

OHE was involved in several sessions at the 9th World Congress of the International Heath Economics Association (iHEA). Prof Adrian Towse, OHE’s Director, and Prof Lou Garrison, OHE Visiting Senior Research Fellow for 2012-13 and a professor at the University of Washington, took part in a session focusing on barriers to utilisation and delivery of health service in developing countries.


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