This blog reports results of a systematic review of the sources and characteristics of utility weights used in economic evaluations of paediatric vaccines in developed countries.

Just published is a book on the economics of end of life care, featuring a chapter by OHE’s Koonal Shah.

OHE’s Yan Feng and Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz have co-authored a new publication on quantifying the spillovers between public and private sector biomedical and health research and development funding in the UK.

OHE’s Amanda Cole co-authors a new publication on the headroom approach, which can help assess the commercial value and viability of medical device development.

Two new papers, just published in Value in Health, examine the design of health state valuation studies.

OHE’s Sarah Karlsberg Schaffer presented at the Glasgow Health Economics Seminar Series the results of a paper on the value of the cost-effectiveness threshold in Scotland.

A summary of OHE’s activity at the 2016 winter HESG meeting, Manchester, 6-8th January.

This paper reports the results of a systematic review of the use and quality of Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) measures in paediatric populations with vaccine-preventable infectious diseases in developed countries.

This post summarises OHE’s activities at the ISOQOL 22nd Annual Conference in Vancouver, October 2015.

New publication by OHE’s Yan Feng, Nance Devlin and Mike Herdman in Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, comparing the 3L and 5L versions of EQ-5D as measures of general population health.


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