Pricing and Reimbursement

OHE's Dr Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz is a visiting lecturer in the Department of Economics at City University London. As part of his 2012 activities, he recently gave a comprehensive lecture on the economics of the market for medicines in the UK.

Interest is growing in schemes that involve “paying for pills by results”, that is, “paying for performance” rather than merely “paying for pills”. Despite its intuitive appeal, this approach is is highly controversial and is disliked by many health care providers, policy makers, and pharmaceutical companies.

In a recent editorial in the European Journal of Health Economics, Prof Michael Drummond of York University and Prof Adrian Towse of the OHE take a new look at an old issue: the appropriate role of co-payments in health care.

During the last quarter of 2011, OHE team members were involved in discussions and presentations in a range of forums, covering each of OHE's three areas of focus. This post reviews their activities.

Join OHE for two exciting seminars, one on MCDA and the other on shifts in investment in R&D.

Antibacterial drug resistance is a serious and growing worldwide problem that threatens our ability to cure traditionally treatable diseases and to successfully perform numerous surgical procedures that rely on antibacterials. The current situation is due primarily to two causes: inappropriate use in humans and animals, and the decline in the development of new antibacterials, largely because of lower returns on investment in R&D. OHE has been very involved in both defining the challenge and thinking through possible responses.

At the 13th Annual Conference of the Institute of Healthcare Management, Scotland, Jon Sussex discussed OHE’s model for projecting the UK NHS medicines bill to 2014 and a range of projections from it.

This post reviews OHE's activities in September 2011 that contributed to advancing thought and stimulating innovative ideas in its three key research areas: financing and delivery of health care, HTA methods and processes, and the economics of the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.

Join OHE at ISPOR to discuss multiple criteria decision analysis, value based pricing, risk sharing, post-approval data collection and other key topics in HTA and health care decision making.

At the PPRI conference in Vienna on 29-30 September, 2011, Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz presented a poster summarising the results of a literature review on risk sharing, flexible pricing, patient access schemes and performance-based reimbursement.


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