Health Technology Assessment

Health interventions can produce economic gains for patients and national economies. In practice, however, the health-wealth link is rarely considered.

An analysis in the trends in Scottish Medicines Committee (SMC) advice decisions for medicines for the period October 2009 to September 2015 has just been published in an OHE Consulting Report. This report was initiated and funded by Pfizer Ltd.
The report assesses...

OHE’s Amanda Cole co-authors a new publication on the headroom approach, which can help assess the commercial value and viability of medical device development.

Professor Nancy Devlin co-chaired the ISPOR task force on uses of MCDA in health care decision making. The first report from the task force has just been published in Value in Health.

OHE’s Sarah Karlsberg Schaffer presented at the Glasgow Health Economics Seminar Series the results of a paper on the value of the cost-effectiveness threshold in Scotland.

A summary of OHE’s activity at the 2016 winter HESG meeting, Manchester, 6-8th January.

Professor Weinstein compares the use of cost-per-QALY approaches in the UK and the US. Britain has got it closer to right, but may go a little too far.

This post summarises OHE’s activities at the ISOQOL 22nd Annual Conference in Vancouver, October 2015.

OHE’s Deputy Director Paula Lorgelly will present an OHE Seminar on 14th December 2015 on the topic of HTA decision makers as budget takers and budget makers.

Do members of the general public wish to place greater weight on a unit of health gain for end of life patients than on that for other types of patients?


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