Health Technology Assessment

Just published is a new report entitled: Gene Therapy: Understanding the Science, Assessing the Evidence, and Paying for Value. The publication is a report of the 2016 ICER Membership Policy Summit.

On Thursday 16th March, OHE's Nancy Devlin will lead an educational webinar, in collaboration with Kevin Marsh and Praveen Thokala, on Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis for Health Care Decision Making - Emerging Good Practices.

Just published is a new OHE Consulting Report entitled: Exploring the Assessment and Appraisal of Regenerative Medicines and Cell Therapy Products: Is the NICE Approach Fit for Purpose? The purpose of the new OHE report is to explore a review exercise undertaken by NICE and the University of York and to assess whether or not the resulting conclusions are appropriate.

A special issue of the Journal of Cancer Policy entitled ‘Value and Cancer’ includes three papers authored by OHE researchers.

A new OHE Research Paper assesses the nature of evidence used to reach HTA decisions which NICE have classified as “Recommended in Line with Clinical Practice” between 2007 and mid-2016. The level of patient access associated with these decisions has also been assessed.

OHE has published a new report discussing a framework to help middle-income countries efficiently identify medicines for formulary inclusion. A second publication applies this framework to the Mexican decision making system as a case study.

This paper uses MCDA to obtain preferences on decision criteria across three stakeholder groups (patients, clinicians and payers) in Italy and then uses these preferences to assess the value of obinutuzumab for rituximab-refractory iNHL.

A new OHE Research Paper has just been published on the topic of uncertainty and risk in health technology assessment (HTA) decision making. The report is concerned with uncertainty as it affects the cost effectiveness aspects of HTA.

Rachel Baker of Glasgow Caledonian University and Koonal Shah of OHE discussed societal viewpoints regarding end of life treatments at a recent seminar.

ISPOR’s 19th Annual European Congress was held in Vienna, 29 October – 2 November 2016. Several members of the OHE team attended and contributed to the conference. This post contains a summary of their activity.


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