Health Care Systems

Jon Sussex was a keynote speaker at the Capita conference on competition in health care held in June, where the audience was primarily from the NHS. Jon’s presentation summarised the state of provider competition in the NHS to date as well as national and international evidence about the impact of competition on quality.

Alzheimer’s Research UK commissioned OHE Consulting to model the growing prevalence and costs of dementia in the UK and the impact that new treatments could have were they to be introduced from 2020.

OHE’s active involvement in a number of recent conferences and meetings has contributed to discussions on a range of important issue in health economics.

Just out is a new Research Paper from OHE that examines how local NHS organisations in Wales adjust spending to accommodate ‘shocks’ such as new NICE mandates for covering specific technologies. By law, technologies recommended by NICE are to be funded within three months of publication of NICE’s technology appraisal (TA) decision.

Join us on the evening of 9 June 2014 when OHE will welcome Professor Anne Mills of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine who will speak on Universal Health Care: the Holy Grail? Health services available to the whole population free of charge, and providing the best health advice and treatment, was the foundation stone for the creation of the National Health Service.

Just published by OHE, this Seminar Briefing summarises remarks at an OHE Lunchtime Seminar by Dr James Chambers of the Center for the Evaluation of Value and Risk in Health at Tufts Medical Center. Compared to many other countries, cost-effectiveness analysis plays a limited role in US health care.

Whether and how a change in performance-related payment motivated change in GP behaviour in Scotland is investigated in a recent article by OHE’s Yan Feng and colleagues, Ada Ma (Hong Kong government), Shelley Farrar (University of Aberdeen) and Matt Sutton (University of Manchester).

This research explores which approaches to pricing can produce the greatest efficiency and access to medicines within and across countries.
OHE collaborated on two articles published in the journal Health Economics recently.

This recent research is intended to inform changes in NICE's approach to assessing the value of medical technologies.
Throughout the year, OHE presents a number of Lunchtime Seminars intended to discuss important current issues in health economics. On 30 January, OHE invited Dr Donna Rowen of the University of Sheffield to present her recent research on defining social preferences.

Using innnovative econometric techniques, this report explores whether and how hospital outcomes and resource use are related for four common procedures.


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