Health Care Systems

Each year, OHE sponsors an Annual Lecture that examines an important issue in health care. In late June, Dr Alan Garber spoke on US health care reform. This is the first of two posts that summarises his remarks. It reviews the background for and the intent of the new legislation signed into law in March 2010.

OHE’s 2010 Annual Lecture features Dr Alan Garber, Director both of Stanford University’s Center for Health Policy and its Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research at the School of Medicine.

OHE's 2010 Annual Lecture features Dr Alan Garber on the implications of the American health care reform law. Register to join us in London on 22 June 2010.

Why, whether and how to measure health outputs, productivity and equity in the UK was the focus of the OHE’s 15th Annual Lecture, given by Prof Tony Atkinson.

Competition within the NHS for non-emergency hospital care no longer adjusts for non-discretionary costs unique to independent providers. Should it?


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