Drug Development/R&D

OHE’s Yan Feng and Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz have co-authored a new publication on quantifying the spillovers between public and private sector biomedical and health research and development funding in the UK.

OHE’s Amanda Cole co-authors a new publication on the headroom approach, which can help assess the commercial value and viability of medical device development.

A new OHE Consulting Report assesses information governance arrangements for real-world data in eight countries, and makes recommendations towards an ideal governance framework.

Just published by the World Dementia Council and OHE is an analysis which sets out the dementia R&D landscape. This analysis was undertaken by OHE for Imperial College and the UK Department of Health.

Multi-indication pricing (MIP) involves setting a different price for each major indication approved for a medicine. We explore the feasibility of implementing MIP in the UK.

It is estimated that one in three people born in 2015 in the UK may develop dementia, and clinical development success rates for dementia drugs are consistently lower than those for other therapy areas.

OHE’s Adrian Towse will give a lecture at the Medical University of Vienna on relative effectiveness and the impact on drug development.

This post is the second of a two part summary of OHE’s scheduled activity at ISPOR Philadelphia 2015.

Articles co-authored by Adrian Towse, Martina Garau, Donna Messner, and Penny Mohr exploring future expectations of drug relative effectiveness in Europe and comparative effectiveness in the USA just published online.

The business model for antibiotics is broken. We looked at other industries facing conceptually similar challenges - particularly when the incentive for R&D is delinked from the volume of sales.


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