Information Sources in Health Statistics

The following selected list contains links to various organisation and websites for information that were contained in the OHE Guide to Health and Health Care Statistics (formerly the Compendium of Health Statistics).



Population and vital statistics

Mid-year 2014 population estimates by age and sex, by UK country


International total and projected populations 1950 – 2100


Deaths registered by cause, England and Wales, 2014


Deaths by cause, Scotland 2014


Deaths by cause, Northern Ireland, 2014


Life expectancy by UK country, 1980-82 to 2012-14

Health care and NHS expenditure


Hospital Activity and Workforce

Hospital Episode Statistics, England


Bed availability and occupancy, England


NHS Workforce, England


NHS Hospital Activity, Wales


NHS Workforce, Wales


NHS Hospital Activity, Scotland


NHS Workforce, Scotland


NHS Hospital Activity, Northern Ireland


NHS Workforce, Northern Ireland

Family Health Services (FHS)

General Medical Services, England


General Medical Services, Wales


General Medical Services, Scotland


General Medical Services, Northern Ireland


General Pharmaceutical Services, England


General Pharmaceutical Services, Wales


General Pharmaceutical Services, Scotland


General Pharmaceutical Services, Northern Ireland


General Dental Services, England


General Dental Services, Wales


General Dental Services, Scotland


General Dental Services, Northern Ireland


General Ophthalmic Services, England


General Ophthalmic Services, Wales


General Ophthalmic Services, Scotland


General Ophthalmic Services, Northern Ireland