Price Transparency Masterclass

Price Transparency in pharmaceutical pricing is the third topic in our exclusive 2019 Pricing and Reimbursement Masterclass Series.
Confidential net prices are currently essential for differential pricing, which in turn is viewed as necessary to balance patient access with continual innovation in drug development.
Rising healthcare costs, fuelled by a changing political perspective on drug pricing regulation and negotiation in many countries, most notably in the US, are challenging this view and the issue of price transparency poses an existential threat to innovation in life sciences.
This is a global issue. In the US, manufacturers are being been forced to disclose Wholesale Acquisition Costs in Direct-to-Consumer advertising for many products. At the recent, WHO Fair Pricing Forum, MSF claimed that “secret medicine prices cost lives”, and a recent WHO resolution urged countries to collect and share net price information.
Join us on the 18th September as OHE brings together global thought leaders on the economics, politics, and public policy of international drug pricing to discuss this challenging, controversial and incredibly important topic.
Participants will gain a solid understanding of the fundamental economics of differential value-based pricing and insight into how to develop a narrative to challenge the concept of price transparency. We will be presenting, and encouraging delegate discussion of, evidence which supports the case for innovation friendly pricing models.
The agenda for this Masterclass combines economic theory, evidence and industry insight to give you an exclusive overview and insight into the current state of the debate and what is on the horizon.
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OHE Masterclass Series
Each event in our Masterclass Series provides a highly collaborative space guided by candid expert perspectives. During the event we encourage open discussion of the topic, and believe that through this we have the potential to unlock transformative insight and reveal solutions to the challenges we face every day.
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"Highlighted all of the challenges and the various viewpoints. A realistic view of current and emerging situation.“
“I found the presentation and experience sharing from other companies, real life examples & cases really helpful.”
“Good networking opportunities which are always valuable"
Wednesday, 18 September 2019